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Pandya Store 21st September 2021  Episode starts with Kanta coming to talk to Suman. Suman asks Dhara not to go anywhere. Dhara says I won’t go. She says don’t know what is Raavi cooking. Raavi talks to her friend. She asks her to text the notes. Shiva comes and asks if everyone’s food is ready, I will take tiffin. Raavi takes some haldi in the plate and writes in it. The haldi falls over them.

Raabta….plays…. Dhara comes and sees them. She says Raavi you ruined the haldi kept for 3 months, you all don’t do work well, you all will ruin the ration of the year in 3 months. She laughs and says you both got haldi again, there is still time, think of it, haldi is signing you to stay together, right Shiva, will you not tell anything, Raavi is sensible, she will stay here, but it will be good and bad also, Suman will come and get angry, but I will handle, I will tell that this happened because of me, you both look good like this. Shiva thinks Dhara has mood swings again.

He stops her and says Raavi will clean this. Raavi says yes, you go. Dhara says I have seen how you spread this, I will clean it. He says Raavi will manage. Dhara says you are showing right on Raavi. He says fine, I will have tea outside, don’t send it for me. He goes. Raavi cleans the haldi. Dhara says I will help, throw this haldi in dustbin, clean yourself also. She asks is curry burning, what did you make. Raavi asks her to go, she will see. Dhara asks what did you make. Raavi says aloo tamatar. Dhara says its my fav. She checks the dish. She sees brinjal. She says you made brinjal and lied to me.

Raavi says I told you, you will get dizzy with the smell. Dhara says Shiva and Gautam won’t eat this. Raavi says I will give the leftover curry, will we waste it, we can heat it and eat. Dhara says we will eat it. Raavi asks why, why can’t they eat, men work outside, women work in the house, its not justice to make them eat fresh food. Dhara argues. Raavi says I will make food well, take rest. Krish runs after a rooster. Suman asks him to catch it. Gautam comes.

Krish asks him to catch. The rooster runs out. Suman says I wanted to catch it. Gautam says let it be. Dhara feels dizzy. Raavi asks her to have water. She says I will handle everything, you shouldn’t worry. Dhara says I can’t think of myself. Raavi says don’t ignore yourself, you have to take care of yourself. Dhara asks why did you change the containers. Raavi says you started again, its my kitchen for nine months, I will run it my way. Dhara recalls Suman’s words and cries. Raavi worries.

Gautam asks Krish to pay the bills. Krish asks for some money. Gautam gives him money and asks him to get multivitamins and skin cream from the chemist. Krish says I can’t go too far, you get it. Gautam says its for Dhara, if I go to get it, then anyone can see me, anyone can pull my leg, go now. Krish says I was worried for Dhara. Gautam says I m also worried for her, women’s skin gets dry in pregnancy, cream is useful, Dhara shouldn’t know this. Dhara hears this. Krish asks for some money to lock his tongue. Gautam gives money. He asks Krish not to tell anything now. Krish hugs him and goes.

Anita comes home. She sees Dhara and thinks she looks fine, maybe she didn’t eat the fruits. She asks how are you. Dhara says I m fine. Anita says you don’t look fine, why didn’t you eat the fruits. Dhara says I had it, why is everyone after my face. Raavi thinks Dhara’s mood swings happening again. She asks Dhara to take rest. Dhara goes. Anita asks why is she so angry.

Raavi says she feels insecure, don’t feel bad. Anita says she is my friend. She thinks my herb is working on you. Raavi asks her to come in evening. Anita says okay. She leaves. Dhara shouts Rishita. Rishita comes and asks is everything fine. Dhara asks did my clothes come. Rishita says I don’t know. Dhara scolds her. She asks her to go and get Chuhaare from the market, I want to eat the kheer. Rishita asks what’s that. Dhara says I can’t explain it. Raavi comes and says dry dates. Rishita says oh, say that. She says Raavi, her irritation mood got on, God save us all, handle her.

Raavi says you wanted these clothes, right. Dhara says yes, how do you know. Raavi says because I m the best, I have made Chuhaare kheer. Dhara asks how do you know I wanted to have it. Raavi says I know it. Dhara asks how did you make it. She cries and hugs Raavi. She thanks her. Rishita goes. Raavi asks her to stop crying, her face looks pale. Dhara asks what happened, is everything fine, why does everyone think so. Raavi worries and thinks pregnancy changed Dhara’s character. Dhara worries.


Pandya Store 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone eats the food. Suman tells a story of a pregnant woman losing her husband to someone else. Dhara worries and sees Gautam.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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