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Pandya Store 20th September 2021  Episode starts with Gautam asking Krish to sleep in Suman’s room, she is scared. Suman says I m not scared, Krish can sleep if he is scared. Krish says fine, I m scared. Shiva shuts the main door. Krish says you never locked the door when I used to sleep here, you are checking it because Raavi is sleeping in the lawn. Everyone looks at him. Gautam asks him to keep his mouth shut.

Krish takes Suman to the room. Suman massages his head. She says tell me, what were you telling to Raavi. Krish says nothing. She shows her stick. He says Raavi doesn’t sleep in her room, she sleeps in the lawn. Suman asks what, Dhara used to sleep in the lawn first and now Raavi. He jokes. He says whoever sleeps in the lawn, the marriage will run well, who knows Raavi’s marriage gets successful. Krish says my wife will also sleep in the lawn, no, make a room for me. She asks him to get out. She checks Anita’s missed calls.

Rishita sits to drink milk. Dev smiles. He says so much happened today, your phone is dead. She asks who will call me. She argues. He says you and my family are like two hands for me, you did a big thing for Suman today, if you don’t want to do a job now for Dhara, its really good, its fine if you want to do a job. She asks him not to irritate her. Raavi feels scared to sleep alone in the lawn. Shiva looks on. He takes his bedding close to the door. He acts that he is feeling the hot temperature. Raavi and Shiva argue. She closes eyes to sleep.

Dhara sees a couple fighting outside Kanta’s house. Raavi wants to buy vegetables. The man runs seeing the fight. Raavi asks him to give brinjal. The lady asks Dhara not to save her husband, men get bored when wife gets pregnant. She says my child is 6 months old, and now I understand what my husband has been doing. Kanta asks her bahu to spare her son. Dhara says calm down. The lady says I give all the time to my baby, he disappears all night, he lies to me, he is having an affair with Kusum.

The man says forgive me. The lady scolds him. She asks Dhara to go and take rest. Krish and Raavi argue at the vegetable stall. He says when brinjal’s dish is made, then other dishes are made for Gautam and Shiva. She says I will tell that I didn’t know, I don’t have time to cook more two dishes. They see Dhara coming. Raavi asks the man to give the brinjals fast. She leaves. Krish stops Dhara. He says I was just talking to the veg vendor. Dhara says he always talks nonsense. Rishita talks to the maid. Suman asks the monthly wage. The maid says 2000rs. Suman says you think we have a money tree. She bargains. She calls out Dhara. Dhara comes from the kitchen. Suman asks did you know about 2000.

Dhara says no, you asked Rishita to handle. Suman asks is Hardik going to pay or Janardhan. Rishita says for clothes. Suman says we have washing machine. She says I will just pay 1000rs, start if you want, else go. Maid says I won’t work here. Suman says then go, did you come to ask for work, or came to make us work. Maid leaves. Dhara smiles. Suman says you are smiling that maid left. Dhara says don’t worry, I will see all the work, Rishita and Dhara will do the work. Suman asks Rishita to get another maid.

Rishita says you find her. Anita comes home. Prafulla stops her and scolds her. He says Suman will get you jailed, come with me. Raavi cooks the food. Suman talks to Dhara. Dhara says I will go and see if Raavi needs any help. Raavi asks her to have fruits, Anita has sent it for her. Dhara says I will have it later. Dhara eats. Shiva looks on. Suman says you are lucky, who sends fruits in these times. Raavi asks Dhara to have it. She goes to the kitchen. Raavi drops something. Dhara says I will help her, she will increase the work. Suman says I know your fear, you will lose the kitchen to someone, this had to happen, new bahus have come home.


Pandya Store 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says you changed all the boxes. Raavi says this kitchen is mine for nine months, I will run it my way.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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