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Pandya Store 1st November 2022 Suman telling Dhara that she will also have to leave the house if Shweta makes one more mistake. She wants Krish to settle down with Shweta now. She calls Rishita patrani and praises her for exposing Shweta. Rishita says that she is a born genius but nobody believes her. Suman agrees but says that she is not as sharp as her.

At the Pandya Store, Shiva overhears Dev and Gautam planning for their trip to Goa. Shiva is wondering where will he get the money from and which FD will have to be sacrificed for this endeavor. He later thinks that Raavi will not get the leave anyways and hence he will not have to upset Gombi and will save money at the same time.

Meanwhile, Raavi asks Arnab for the Diwali holidays. Arnab agrees but says that he will be coming to the office every day as there will be no one at his home. His parents stay in the US with his brother and hence it makes no sense for him to stay at home on Diwali. Shiva overhears them and taunts Raavi telling her to invite him to come to their house. He warns them both that he will burst crackers on Arnab’s head if he sees him in the Pandya Niwas.

Dev and Gautam and still thinking about the package and says that they should break the FD and arrange for the package. Gautam asks Dev to convince Raavi for the holiday. Dev recalls his promise to Rishita and begs Gombi not to talk about this plan in front of Rishita. Gombi promises him that next year it will be him and Rishita.

Krish gets new furniture for Shweta and tells him not to touch any of his stuff from now onwards. Shweta says that she cannot sleep in a small bed. Krish tells her that baggers can’t be choosers. Shweta reminds him that she has Chikoo and she is not a bagger.

Dhara enters the room and asks Krish to give Shweta another chance. Krish lies to her and says that he is doing all of this for Sweta and Chikoo so that they can be comfortable. When Dhara leaves he reminds Shweta again that their relationship is fake and warns her not to create any scene from now onwards.

At the dinner table, the Pandya family is discussing the preps for Diwali. Rishita suggests that they should use the FD money to celebrate a lavish Diwali as it will be Chikoo’s first Diwali in the house. Gombi advises celebrating a special but economical Diwali. While Suman agrees with Gombi, Shweta intervenes and says that she does not agree as they should celebrate Diwali in a lavish manner. She brings kheer to the table but no one is ready to eat it. She asks why they don’t want to eat it. Suman reminds her of the cake and says that they don’t want to take risks.

In order to prove her innocence, Sweta eats all the cups of Kheer. After finishing all the cups, she faints. The family get concerned and thinks about calling the doctor. Just then Shweta gets up and says that she wanted to see Maa’s reaction and says that she has not mixed anything in the Kheer. Suman reminds her she has broken their trust once and it is hard for them to trust her again.

Shweta picks up the knife and threatens to slit her wrist. Dhaara asks her not to do anything stupid. Shweta escalates the drama and says that it’s better she dies instead of trying to convince them all.

After dinner, Shweta goes to Dhara and tries to get the money from Chikoo’s fund to activate the plan. She again pitches the plan of a lavish Diwali but Dhara denies it and says the family together makes the festival special and not the money.


Pandya Store 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta tries to manipulate Raavi and asks her to hide details regarding Arnab from Shiva. Next, she tries to create differences between Rishita and Dhara. She tells Dhara that they did the right thing to use the Diwali funds for Shiva and Raavi’s trip to Goa. Rishita overhears the conversation and argues with Dhara.

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Telecast Date:1st November 2022
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