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Pandya Store 1st July 2022 Episode starts with Suman asking Prafulla to go. Prafulla says Shiva was really there, I m saying the truth. Dhara says we will sell this house, get money, we can bring back Shiva, we will buy a flat nearby.

Rishita says I like the idea, name the flat to me. Dhara asks her to come, don’t know how to convince Suman. Suman calls them. She asks what is Prafulla saying. Raavi says don’t know, I didn’t hear her. Suman says she is saying that you have seen Shiva. Dhara says you lie, don’t get scared.

Prafulla asks what are you murmuring. Dhara says nothing. Suman says she is saying, you have seen Shiva. Raavi says yes, I have seen Shiva worshipping with dedication, then I saw a Devta in front of Shiva, Devta shot an arrow at him, his Tapasya ended, Shiva opened his third eye and he killed Kamdev.

Prafulla asks what are you saying. Raavi says I saw Shiva in tv serial. Dhara says Shiv ji. Prafulla says leave the tv serial, you came home, tell her. Raavi asks what, I was at home, ask Rishita. Rishita says yes, she was sleeping in her room, then later she was singing bhajans. Gautam comes and looks on.

Prafulla asks what happened to Raavi. Raavi says I didn’t meet you today. Prafulla says I have seen you with Shiva, you are not my Raavi, but Icchadhari Shiva. She falls down. She says someone believe me. Suman takes a rod to beat her. Dhara stops Suman.

She says we will shift Prafulla to Kanta’s house for some time. Prafulla says but who will pay the rent. Gautam says I will pay the rent and also send the tiffin for you. Raavi asks Prafulla to get up. They leave.

Suman asks is this Prafulla’s matter or someone else. Dhara says Shiva. Suman holds her hand. Dhara says Shiva is in Prafulla’s mind. Suman cries and goes. Dhara says I feel bad to lie to her. She prays.

Prafulla asks Kanta was your relation with Shiva good. Kanta says I see a lot, but you won’t believe me. Kanta’s bahu asks Raavi why is she so happy after Shiva’s death. Gautam asks the lady to think well before saying.

Raavi compliments her. The lady says I will order a saree for your marriage. Gautam asks her not to say anything wrong. He asks Prafulla to talk to Kanta about the rent, he will pay. He goes. Prafulla asks who are you meeting.

Kanta says you don’t lie, you have met someone at night, I saw you hugging someone, you were coming home from somewhere today, you should have kept Shiva’s respect. Prafulla asks Raavi to answer Kanta. Raavi asks Prafulla to take care and not worry. She goes. Prafulla asks does Raavi has any affair with anyone, with Shiva?

The neighbors come home. The ladies say we heard that someone has come in Raavi’s life. Suman scolds the ladies. Dhara says its not right to stay between these people, I feel we should sell this house and go somewhere else to stay.

Suman is shocked. Rishita says we have to sell this house. Dhara says I had been thinking well, people were saying wrong about Raavi, I couldn’t hear it. Raavi gets juice for Suman. Suman says you think we should sell the house and leave from here, I trust Raavi, don’t you trust her, do you doubt her.

Dhara says no, Raavi misses Shiva a lot in this house. Suman asks would Shiva let us sell the house if he was here, I used to miss my husband after he passed away, did I sell the house and bring the kids on road.

Raavi says I miss Shiva a lot. Suman says then go to Prafulla’s house and stay. Dhara says even I miss him a lot, where shall I go. Rishita says Shiva is alive in our heart. They do a drama. Suman says it’s a nature’s law, one who comes in the world has to leave, we can’t bring the family on roads. She scolds them.

She says this house won’t get sold, even after my death, its my ancestral house. She asks her sons to handle their wives. She goes to her room. Gautam asks Dhara what is she saying. She says I decided to sell this house.


Pandya Store 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita says this house will get sold, else we will stay in this room and die of hunger. Shiva comes home in disguise of a veg seller. Prafulla comes to him.

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Telecast Date:1st July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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