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Pandya Store 19th April 2021 Episode starts with Dhara doesn’t go as we want, the ups and downs fill colours in life, get ready, get the chunri along, groom and bride tie the knot and go out of the house. Raavi cries. Janardhan speaks to the goon. He says you have to do the work today, I should get the good news before sunset. The goon asks him not to worry. Gautam says I got 21 sarees for Rishita. Dhara thanks him and says Rishita will like all this. She asks Dev to see the suits and sarees, Gautam got this for Rishita, go and give it to her. Dev asks what’s the need.

Dhara says its shagun, I don’t think her Maayka will send shagun, so I asked Gautam to get this. Dev thanks Dhara and Gautam. He says I have hurt you a lot, even then you care for my happiness. Dev hugs them. Dev sees Shiva. Shiva gets up to go. Dev stops him and says whatever changes, but a truth will never change, you are my brother. He hugs Shiva. They all hug. Krish says they forgot me again and hugs them. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…

Dhara says Dev, ask Rishita to wear any saree she likes and get ready for puja, take the clothes. Dev goes. She asks Shiva to get ready, wear new clothes for puja. Shiva goes. Kalyani sits to eat. Bua stops her and says don’t eat, else you won’t look ill, make a sick face. Rishita likes the saree. Dev shows the clothes. She likes the clothes. He says sarees come from girl’s Maayka. She says it didn’t come, so you got it, thanks, I liked all the sarees, its like my taste. He says thank Dhara, she had sent Gautam to get this, this is called family to think of everyone’s happiness, I m glad that you liked Dhara’s choice, get ready now. He gets Bua’s call and asks her not to call again. Bua says Kalyani is ill, she is missing Rishita. Rishita takes the call and says you have ignited fire in our lives, don’t try this old fashioned ideas, I know what you will do if I come home. Bua gets angry and says she is clever, she won’t get trapped in my plan.

Kalyani says your planning flopped. Both the couples get ready and come. Krish says they both have hurt each other at night. Shiva asks Krish not to say much. Krish says I m saying the truth. Dhara asks him to make good kurta for puja. Shiva says I like these clothes. Suman comes. Dhara asks them to take blessings. Suman blesses both the couples. Suman asks them to leave for temples. The goons see the Pandya family leaving for the temple. Gautam asks shall I get someone for you also. Krish says I have sworn to never get married after seeing my brothers. Dhara says we are getting late for puja, come. Shiva’s bike breaks down. He asks Raavi to get down, she is a problem. They argue. He checks the bike. He gets troubled by sunlight.

Raavi notices this and stands in front, spreading her pallu to shadow him. He asks her to sit, they have to leave. They leave. Gautam and Dhara reach the temple. He prays for Dhara and entire family. He fills sindoor in Dhara’s maang. He says you don’t pray for yourself, I thought to pray for you. She says I pray for you all for my happiness. He says so I prayed for you. Goons stop Shiva and Raavi. Raavi gets scared. Shiva argues with the goons. Raavi says don’t argue with them. Shiva says you may not trust me, I can handle them. She says we shall leave. He says its because of you. Dhara prays for Dev and Shiva’s lives. The goon hits on Shiva’s head. Raavi shouts. Shiva fights the goons. He gets beaten up badly. He falls unconscious. She asks him to please get up.


Pandya Store 20th April 2021 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish comes. Gautam asks where are Shiva and Raavi. Krish says they got kidnapped. Gautam and Dhara get shocked. Raavi scolds Shiva. He asks her to shut up.

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Telecast Date:19th April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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