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Pandya Store 18th June 2021 Episode starts with Anita lying to Shiva. He goes. He says I got saved today. She goes. Gautam asks are you fine. Suman says yes, is Raavi fine. Gautam asks who has spilled the oil. Dhara says there wasn’t any oil on the stairs when I went upstairs, it was there when I came downstairs. Dev and Krish also think who can do this. Suman says we will find out, tell me, did you get the mahurat for pagphere. Gautam says yes.

Suman says send them. Rishita asks can this rasam happen for me. Suman says I don’t think your dad will come, you go with Raavi, Prafulla will do the rasam. Rishita says no. Suman says you will go with Raavi, I have decided it. Gautam asks what happened Shiva, what are you thinking. Krish jokes. Shiva thinks how will I do arrangements soon. Suman asks Krish to call Prafulla. Anita gives a parcel to Rishita. She says I bought this for you, Dev returned this parcel. Rishita says I don’t want this. Anita says I took this for your happiness, I think I should have asked you, sorry. Rishita takes the parcel and thanks her. Anita smiles. Shiva says I m not able to arrange money. Dhara asks Gautam did you talk about the land. Gautam says yes, we will get land buyers soon, I spoke to agents also. Prafulla thinks I got a permanent cure for Prafulla.

He takes the property papers from Dhara’s cupboard. He says sorry to take the papers without telling you, I will bring back the papers before you know it. He goes. Rishita sees him and thinks why did he leave like a thief, what was he hiding. Dhara gives money to Rishita. Rishita says thanks, I don’t want now. Dhara says sometimes we don’t have cash at home, you tell me in advance. Rishita says I just know that everyone should have money for their work, someone got me this parcel back with love. Dhara thinks Anita can do this thing. Rishita says I have seen Shiva hiding something and leaving from your room, you know he went to arrange money, maybe he went to plan his independent business, I just made an order. She goes.

Shiva thinks how to hide the papers. He acts sweet to Raavi and asks her to sleep. She refuses. He lifts her and makes her rest on the bed. He says sorry. She gets confused. She says I m fine. He says take rest, walk till the door and show me if you are fine. She goes. Dhara comes. She says I got kada for you, you are doing ramp walk, I will come later. Raavi says no, Shiva was troubling me. Dhara asks her to have kada. She asks are you happy that we are opening our store’s new branches. He says yes, why are you asking. She says just like that.

Prafulla goes to the kitchen to have food. Anita sees her with the box and asks her to give it. She says I m doing this to get Gautam. Prafulla says Dhara will never get you do this. Dhara says what does Anita want, why did she give money to Rishita. She sees Anita and scolds her. Prafulla thinks Anita took 2000rs from me. Rishita says I have to find out what was Shiva stealing. Anita says I m your friend, I couldn’t see Rishita insulting you, I did this for your happiness. Dhara says don’t take me wrong, I respect your feelings, its about my family, I can’t keep this money, promise me, you won’t do this again. Anita agrees. Dhara gives her money. Prafulla takes the money and says you took the money from my purse. She slips on the floor. Dhara asks how did oil come here, Raavi fell down, Suman got saved, and now you…. Anita says even I got saved from falling.

Suman says I will teach a lesson to one who did this. Dhara goes and cleans the oil from the floor. She gets a box and says this box has oil, from where did this box come. Shiva says I had seen this box with Anita, were Prafulla and Anita here. Dhara says yes. He runs. Prafulla asks how did oil come in that box. Anita asks her to come. Shiva stops them. He asks how did oil come in this.

Suman comes there. She says I knew its you. Prafulla and Anita worry. Shiva says I m asking for the last time. Prafulla says I really don’t know it. Everyone comes there. Shiva says I had seen this box with Anita, tell the truth, you and Prafulla did this, right.


Pandya Store 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anita says I didn’t know that my game will hurt Raavi, I just wanted Dhara to get hurt. Raavi hears them and claps.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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