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Pandya Store 18th July 2022 Episode starts with Krish saying Janardhan has agreed for the marriage. Suman asks did he agree, did you go and talk to him, how did he agree. Krish says he has a condition for the marriage. Suman says now he said it. Gautam says if he wants Pandya store, then this won’t happen.

Krish says he doesn’t want Pandya store, he wants me to break ties with you all and become his Ghar Jamai if I want to marry Kirti. They all get shocked. Suman says he is trying to snatch my son, you are my son, you might have given him a befitting reply, tell me. Shiva asks Krish to answer, what did he say.

Krish stays silent. Shiva says I think he has made his decision. He asks will you become his Ghar Jamai, get out, you think Kirti would be waiting for you, then go. He pushes Krish. Krish gets angry. Dev and Gautam stop their fight. Rishita says you decide anything, but I won’t let your marriage happen with Kirti, I will fight with everyone. Kamini scolds Kirti and asks since when is this affair going on, tell me. Kirti says I like Krish,

I love him, I have thought of it well. Janardhan smiles. Kalyani scolds her. Kirti says Krish is a nice guy, he has changed for me, he is intelligent.

Janardhan says yes. Kamini says Rishita calls Dev intelligent, she stays in that poor hut, will you also stay there. Kirti says no, Krish will become ghar jamai and we will stay here, thanks dad. Janardhan says love you. Kirti goes. Dev asks Rishita to calm down. Rishita says its about my sister’s future.

Suman asks you want to go? She says fine, leave me, Gautam, Dhara, all of us, we mean nothing to you, just Kirti and her family are everything, then go. Shiva gets Krish’s bag and throws it. He asks Krish to get out. Rishita says you really want him to go and stay there. Raavi says give a chance to Krish to speak.

Suman says shut up. Krish asks why can’t you get Kirti and me married. Rishita says don’t compare. Gautam says you made a mistake, don’t give their example to prove yourself right. Krish says fine, give me my share and I will leave from here silently, I have a share in this property and I want it. Everyone gets shocked.

Kamini asks what are you doing. Janardhan says this time, I got a chance to take revenge for my insult, they snatched my daughter, I will snatch their son now. Shiva says you want your share, what did you say, did you earn anything till now. Krish and Shiva fight.

Gautam and Dev stop them again. Shiva says he has grown up that he is asking for his share. Suman cries and says Laxmi came home and Saraswati left. Krish kicks the bag and says just I m wrong, everyone else is right.

Everyone goes. Suman gets angry. She asks Raavi to go and get busy on her phone. Raavi says no, I can hear you well. Suman cries. Krish recalls everything. Dhara comes to him.

She asks why did you not tell me about Kirti, you have sworn falsely, you went to tell Rishita, you didn’t think she is pregnant, you should have come to me and tell me that you love Kirti. He asks what difference would it make. She says you have decided for your life and want us to understand you, you lied to me.

He says children lie to the parents by the fear of scolding, you still think I m a little kid going to school, when will you realize that I have grown up, you had created a scene about cigarette, it was a small thing, everyone smokes, I smoked once, you got me beaten by Shiva. She says no, I didn’t, its your and Shiva’s matter, you just remember that one negative thing, anyways, I went to Janardhan to talk about Dev. He taunts her.

Raavi explains Shiva. She says its okay if Krish goes to stay there for some time. Shiva asks her not to change. He scolds her. They argue. She says Krish is our blood, he won’t go, tell me, what do you want to go, you are getting away from me, what’s going on. She says I m here in front of you.

He says you think so, you don’t care for me, you are choosing the phone instead me, I m happy at Pandya store. He goes. Rishita comes to meet Janardhan. He asks what’s your problem, you eloped and married Dev, the society still taunts me, isn’t your family good for Kirti. Dev comes.

Rishita says I m proud of my family, you want to do this for revenge, you want to snatch their son, Krish is a weak link. Janardhan says no. Dev says I won’t let your dream of breaking my family get fulfilled, even if Krish comes, then he will leave with Kirti in some days, like Rishita is with her family. He warns Janardhan.


Pandya Store 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman asks who has taken the money, I will search everyone’s rooms and find out. Krish calls Kirti.

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Telecast Date:18th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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