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Pandya Store 16th June 2021 Episode starts with Raavi arguing with Dhara. She says I can’t see Prafulla’s insult, we will leave from here. Shiva recalls Prafulla’s words. His inner self appears to help him. Raavi comes there. She asks Shiva to respect her family, as she respects his family. He says you know that she did wrong with my family, she will always be wrong. She says I didn’t do anything wrong, even then you hate me without any reason, why are you so angry, you will burn by your own anger one day. Prafulla packs her bags. She says they insulted me and ousted me, its fine, I will go for your sake.

Gautam says Raavi won’t accept Shiva if he behaves such with Prafulla. Dhara says sun doesn’t need to prove anything, Shiva’s goodness will come out in front of Raavi. Anita sees some box in the cupboard. Prafulla says the one who is poor and weak, their status is nothing, one who has money has the strength, look at Dhara and Gautam, they have all the money, Shiva is senseless, Dev is educated, sensible, Rishita is clever, they will earn money, what about your future. Raavi says stop it, don’t come in front of Shiva.

Dev gets raw mangoes. Dhara says you got fresh mangoes, I will make a pickle for our store. A man gets a parcel for Rishita. He asks for payment. Dhara asks the man to wait, they will get cash from the ATM. The man says no, ATM is away. Dev says we will cancel the order now. Rishita asks Dhara to see. Dev and Rishita argue. She goes. Dhara asks Dev to not spoil Rishita’s mood. She asks Dev to take her ATM card and get money. Dev smiles and goes. Dhara goes. She sees Anita. Anita hides and says I won’t give you this chance to make the pickles. The man says its a big haveli, but they have no money, they wasted our time by cancelling the order. Rishita gets upset. Dev asks her to come for shopping. She refuses. Shiva asks Mansukh to give him a big loan.

Mansukh asks what will you do of the money. Shiva says its my take, just tell me, if you can give the money or not. Dev tries to please Rishita. He gets Kaka’s call. Rishita sees Shiva at the shop. She asks Dev to see Shiva, why did we come here at this time to collect the items. Dev asks where is he. She says he was at Mansukh’s shop. Dev asks what will he do there, Mansukh is a money lender. Raavi comes to Anita. She asks her to explain Prafulla that she is part of Pandya family now. Anita says I will explain her. Raavi asks what were you doing with oil. Anita says I thought to give Prafulla an oil massage, I will talk to her. Raavi thanks and hugs her. Raavi takes water for Prafulla. Shiva drinks it. They argue again. He says Prafulla is wearing my mum’s bangles, she has stolen it. Raavi says what shall I do, she is my Maasi, she raised me, how shall I forget, she scolds you thinking of my betterment, not old enmity. She goes.

Rishita gets frustrated. Dev says you know what Dhara has done, Dhara freed our shop from mortgage, she raised us and got us educated, she made me such that you love me. Rishita stops Shiva and says you should have told us if you went to the market. Shiva thinks did she see us. He says I was in the haveli. She says I have seen you at Mansukh’s shop, don’t lie. Dev asks why did you need the money. Shiva thinks how to tell him now. Shiva says I just gave the answer. Dev and Rishita ask what. Shiva says I was at the haveli. Dev asks did Gautam send you, do we need money, tell me, why did you do, will Rishita lie. Shiva says I didn’t go, you are mistaken. Dev says its fine, why would Shiva lie. Rishita says you are a flip, you decide first. Shiva jokes and goes.

Rishita says he is hiding something. Dev asks her not to doubt Shiva, forget it, I will find out, why did Shiva go there. Anita pours the oil on the stairs. She asks Dhara to come and fall down. She says I will take care of you and then back stab you with love.


Pandya Store 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anita asks Dhara to go, no one can save her today. Dhara goes. Someone else falls down. Suman hears someone’s scream.

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Telecast Date:16th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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