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Pandya Store 15th September 2021 Episode starts with Gautam looking for something spicy. Raavi comes and asks do you want something. He says yes, Gautam wants to eat something nice. She says tamarind, she will like it. He says she will like it a lot, thanks. He goes. Suman says I m here. Gautam hides the bowl. She asks what are you hiding. He says nothing. She says tell me. She sees the tamarind. She laughs. He says I was finding Namkeen, I thought to have tamarind. She jokes and asks him to feed it to Dhara.

He goes. She says I have four sons, but my husband didn’t go to kitchen to find tamarind. She smiles. Gautam comes to Dhara. She says you can’t do anything, Hardik would have got tamarind for me. He gives the tamarind. She asks how did you know I wanted this. He says Raavi said you will like it. She says she understands me well, I got much angry on her, my emotions are on peak. He says my warning will stop their fights, sleep now. He sleeps. She says I will go and see Shiva and Raavi. She gets up and falls on the bed. She sees Gautam holding her saree. She says he forgets that I m not alone now, he just teases me all the time. He holds her hand. She smiles.

Raavi comes to the hall to sleep. She asks Krish not to shout, she is sleeping by her wish. He says fine, sweet dreams, good night. Rishita says I have to submit certificates tomorrow, I will go home and get it, talk to me, Dev, Raavi is also back now. He asks if Raavi goes back… Rishita says she won’t go, she will stay here. He says you want to run away from house responsibilities, Dhara’s pregnancy is imp, you can do a job later, I have no right on Raavi, but on you. She says you are forcing me, its my mistake to come and talk to you.

He says rectify your mistake. Shiva goes out and sees Raavi sleeping. Thodi jagah…plays… He thinks how many favors will you do on me, I did wrong with you. He covers her up. She holds his hand. He sits there. Dhara comes downstairs. She sees Raavi sleeping. She says you have left the room. Kaise mann samjhaye… plays… She goes and sees Shiva sleeping on the floor. She says don’t know what they want from their relation. She goes. Shiva sees Dhara gone. He says I got saved, if Dhara saw me with Raavi, what would I answer her.

Its morning, Dhara wakes up and goes to see kitchen. Rishita says my work is over, I have to go. Raavi asks just this much work, when will you come back, I have to go and pay college fees. Rishita says you started it now, you said you will handle everything, now handle it. She goes and collides with Dhara. She says so sorry, are you fine. Dhara says yes, did you make tea for Suman. Rishita says Raavi made it for Suman, she is making breakfast. Dhara asks her to give money to Dev for Suman’s medicines. Rishita says Dev has gone out, I will get the medicines, don’t think I m careless, I will bring medicines on time. Dhara says I never slept so late ever.

Raavi says I made the food, you sit. Dhara says go away, I can do my work myself. Dhara lights the stove. The matchstick falls on her saree. Raavi saves her and makes her sit. She apologizes and says I had got angry. Dhara says anger isn’t bigger than family. Raavi says yes, I came back knowing my family needs me, please forgive me. Dhara says no. Raavi stops her and says you can’t go out of the kitchen until you forgive me. Suman comes and asks why is the door shut, open the door, are you fine Dhara, I will call the police. Raavi says Suman may really call the police, you have to forgive me. Suman says I m calling the police. Dhara makes Raavi aside and opens the door. She says don’t call the police, Raavi was apologizing to me. Suman asks what’s this way to apologize. She takes her stick. Dhara stops Suman.

Suman says your anger ended, Raavi came to take care of you, you melted down. Dhara says she is like Dev, Krish and Shiva for me, how long can I get angry on her. Suman says don’t compare her with my sons, you can forgive her, but my sons can never hurt anyone’s heart. Raavi says Shiva had hurt my heart. Suman says its a punishment of your deeds, you are a girl, you didn’t know that Dev doesn’t love you, Shiva held your hand, you couldn’t understand him, who will bear the punishment then, you have to bear it.


Pandya Store 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A lady sells some herbs. Anita asks for herbs to make someone away from her husband. She gets some herbs. She takes fruits for Dhara. Dhara eats the apple and sleeps.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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