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Pandya Store 14th October 2021Episode starts with Raavi and Anita arguing. Dhara looks at them. Suman introduces Disha to Raavi. She says Raavi will be Shiva’s ex-wife now, Disha will be the new wife. She scolds Raavi. Disha says I know its awkward for you. Raavi says I m not his ex, our divorce didn’t happen.

Disha says its not a big deal, we are modern girls. Raavi says yes, but Shiva is a traditional guy, I know him since childhood, he will not tolerate our friendship, he must be staring at us now. They see Shiva staring. Shiva plays garba with Raavi. She scolds him. He says you asked me to move on, now you are hurt. She says you never listen to me, distribute laddoos tomorrow. Kirti asks will you be my friend.

Krish recalls Janardhan and says no way, don’t talk of friendship. She says sorry, I promise, I won’t sit on your bike. He laughs. She says your laugh is cute, your dracula teeth are also cute. He smiles.

Raavi stumbles. Shiva holds her and taunts. Everyone looks on. Disha checks her slipper. She says I will go now. Suman asks Shiva to go and drop her home, her slipper also broke. She jokes. Raavi asks what’s the need to drop her, I will give her my slipper, its same size slipper. Rishita smiles. Everyone looks at Raavi. Raavi says we will check, maybe its same size. Disha says no. Suman says take your slipper back.

Kanta says let it be, Disha will go in the morning. Raavi says thank God. Gautam and everyone smile. Raavi says she can go in the morning. Kanta says yes, she will stay in my house tonight. Rishita asks Disha to take her slipper and go. Disha says don’t worry, I will go barefoot. Suman says you have good values, Shiva is also such, he also walks barefoot, he is rooted. She asks Shiva to drop Disha to Kanta’s house.

Disha asks Raavi to teach her dance. She says I want to dance a lot in my marriage, I will keep coming here. Suman says she will teach you. Shiva smiles. Krish jokes seeing Raavi’s expressions. Shiva goes with Disha. Dhara feels unwell. Krish says I will drop Kirti. Suman stops him. Rishita says I will drop her. Dev goes along. Gautam asks Dhara, are you fine, what happened, I will get water for you. Dhara goes to the room. Kirti calls Kalyani and says I left from here, send car on time. Dhara cries in the washroom. She recalls the taunts. She says my Tara….

Shiva drops Disha. He says its not easy to handle me, I don’t know talking to girls, I have already ruined one relation, don’t know why is mum pushing me into second one. She says don’t tell this again, I know everything, I m a sharp student. He says then don’t get after me, I don’t know talking in English, I m not educated,

what will you get by marrying me, you are sorted, you will get anyone, mum has taken the matter on her respect so she is doing this, even Raavi isn’t bad, whatever happened between them, the fights happened because of me. Raavi looks on and tries to hear them. Shiva says I used to fight her and the matter reached till divorce. Disha smiles and kisses on his cheek. He holds his cheek. Raavi gets shocked.

Raavi says Shiva never let me touch his cheek, he is taking kisses from her. She goes. Disha says I didn’t see you for the first time, I like you since a year, I have come to your shop many times, you never noticed me, I love you. Gautam asks Dhara what happened. She cries. She says I had a spotting, I felt dizzy seeing the blood. He gets shocked.

He asks her not to cry. He calls the doctor. He says Dhara experienced a spotting, do something. He makes her talk to Dhara. Dhara says I had much work in the house, but took all precautions, why did I experience a spotting. Doctor asks her to take medicines, are there any other symptoms like dizziness and headache, its a normal thing, some people experience this, you can take the medicines and sleep, come for the tests tomorrow. Gautam thanks the doctor. He asks Dhara not to take stress. He hugs her.


Pandya Store 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam and Dhara meet the doctor. Doctor tells something. They come home. Suman asks where did you go. Dhara says we went to the doctor, I was feeling unwell.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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