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Pandya Store 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 14th May 2022  Episode starts with Dhara giving the gift to Rishita. Rishita asks what’s in it. Dhara says necklace. Suman also gives a gift to Dev. Dev asks what was the need. Dhara says keep it. Kamini stops Rishita from seeing the gift. She says keep it in puja, you have to wear it all life.

Rishita thanks Dhara and smiles. Suman says we will talk to them. Dhara says yes. Raavi sees Kamini taking the necklace box and coughs. Kamini stops. Janardhan signs his man. Everyone closes eyes and prays. Kamini steals the necklace. Janardhan says puja is completing, come, we will forget the old differences.

Gautam says but… Janardhan asks him to come. He asks the man to get juice drink for Gautam. Gautam drinks it and says its good. Janardhan asks him to have more. Everyone does the aarti. Gautam gets intoxicated. Janardhan asks him to keep drinking the juice. Dhara asks Rishita to taste the kheer and say how is it. Rishita likes it.

Kamini looks on smiling. Dhara asks Rishita to have it, there is more. Gautam says enough, I will take my brother from here, he won’t be here, he will stay in his own house. Suman says we will talk to Rishita. Dhara says yes, let her meet everyone. Rishita starts feeling nausea. Kamini smiles.

Dhara goes to Rishita. She asks Raavi to get water. Rishita asks did you do this intentionally, you know I m allergic to cardamoms, even then you have added it in the prasad. Kamini asks her to have water. Rishita says Dhara you have proved it, you are jealous of my baby. Everyone looks on shocked. Dev asks Rishita to calm down. Dhara asks did you lose your mind, I told yesterday that you don’t like Elaichi, you think I have done this. Dev says we will talk later. She sees Kamini. She asks Rishita to ask her Bua also, she was sitting beside the prasad pot, maybe she did this to make us fall in your sight. Kamini starts acting. Dhara says I m not calling you a culprit, I just said, maybe. She asks Rishita to listen, why will she do this, when she got her mum’s necklace to give her. Kirti drops her phone. The necklace box opens. They see the empty box. Kamini says its not here. Dhara says necklace was in this. Suman says I told you not to give this to her, now find her. Dhara says I had given it to Rishita, where did it go. Dev asks what’s happening. Suman says we wanted to take Dev and Rishita home, there is a new drama happening. Kamini asks what was the need to do this if you didn’t want to give the necklace. Dhara says it was there. Rishita calls it enough.

Dhara says you believe anyone, I m not saying wrong, I got the necklace, it was my mum’s necklace, it was her last sign. She cries. She says I was doing wrong, you don’t deserve it. Kamini thinks it will be full and final this time, vent more frustration. Dev asks Dhara to stop it, the puja has spoiled.

Dhara asks are you telling me, what is left for me to do here, everyone has done everything, my attempt was to unite the family, but…. Suman cries. Shiva comes to Gautam and finds him drunk. Gautam says I will take Dev and Rishita with me. He shouts Dev. Shiva asks him to stop, did he drink something. Gautam says leave me, I want to go to Dev. Shiva asks him to have water.

Dhara says don’t know where did my lovely family go, our love, which used to keep the family united. Janardhan acts and asks Gautam why is he stumbling, are you drunk, do the drama in your house, not here. Shiva scolds Janardhan.

He calls for the car. Gautam goes. Dhara says if necklace has come here, then it will be here, I have to check cctv footage, is there any cctv camera fixed in this room, I want to find this necklace. She asks Rishita to understand, she got the necklace to give her, but she wants it at any cost now. Kamini worries.


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Telecast Date:14th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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