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Pandya Store 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Rishita and Dev leaving. Suman says this time, Rishita was hesitant to leave, like she didn’t wish to go, right. Dhara nods. Suman says we will keep trying. She cries. She says I felt happy seeing my four sons together today, promise me, you will get them back.

Dhara promises her and hugs. Its morning, Suman sees Raavi rushing with the work. She asks her to be careful. Raavi gets the puja items. Suman asks Krish to get ready. Dhara comes and shows the necklace to give to Rishita. She says I m thinking to give it to her. Raavi asks why didn’t you give such thing to me,

not fair. Gautam says its beautiful, when did you buy this. Dhara says I didn’t buy, Hardik gave it to me, its my mum’s necklace. Suman says your mum’s last sign, whatever your mum was, she was your mum, its her last sign,

you want to give this to Rishita. Dhara says she is like my sister, she is giving a big happiness to this house, I will be glad if she wears this. Raavi says Rishita will be happy, its really beautiful. Suman says we will make it for you also. Raavi says I didn’t mean that. Suman says fine, you have no greed, I will make it for my happiness.

Shiva comes home. Suman says I thought Raavi and Shiva will get married, and all the problems will end, but Raavi stepped in, Dev and Rishita left the house. Shiva and Raavi hear this. Dhara asks why are you saying this. Suman says I m not saying that they left because of her, but problems didn’t end. Shiva goes after Raavi.

Janardhan and Kamini check the puja arrangements. Dev says I m happy, finally our families are getting together for a function happily, I had left the hope but our baby has united them again. He hugs Rishita. Kamini asks Janardhan did he do the preparations well. He says yes, don’t worry.

Raavi gets ready. She recalls Suman’s words. Shiva helps Raavi in tying the saree. She asks do you know this also. He says I had seen Gautam helping Dhara, so I m just trying. Gautam gets a Gajra for Dhara. He holds her. she says anyone will come. He fixes the gajra in her hair. They smile. Dil ye bole….plays..

He kisses her. They have a moment. He thanks her for everything. They smile. Raavi asks do you also think that the problems are happening because of me. He says you know mum since childhood, don’t believe so, she has nothing wrong in her heart, she talks bitter sometimes, don’t think much. Gautam gets Dev’s call. He says Dev always between our romance. He answers the video call. He says you call or come when Dhara and I are together, we are leaving. Dev smiles.

Dhara says you always scold my children. Shiva fills sindoor in Raavi’s maang. She smiles. Janardhan and Kamini welcome the guests. He takes Dev with him. pandyas reach. Dhara thinks I wish Dev and Rishita come with us. Gautam gets a call. Everyone goes inside the house. Dhara meets Rishita and asks where is Dev.

Rishita says he was here, maybe he went to his room. A man asks Gautam to come, Dev and Janardhan are at the other side. Janardhan shows the gym products to Dev and says we should keep this in our store, our business will increase, is my suggestion right. Dev says its good. Janardhan says its really good.

Gautam comes and hears saying about fire. Dev hugs Gautam. He says we were waiting for you. Janardhan says you have no time to meet anyone, my friends want to meet you, come. Gautam says we will do puja fast. Dev asks him to come. Gautam thinks what fire were they talking about, maybe some work. Dev meets Suman.

Suman says the baby is my family heir. Kamini says I will see how this family goes ahead. Dev and Rishita sit in the puja. Kamini stares at Suman. She adds some elaichi powder in the prasad. Dhara asks Kamini why is she moving the prasad pot lid. Kamini says no, I was fixing it. Dhara says but I have already covered it. Everyone looks on.


Pandya Store 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita asks Dhara did she do this intentionally, she added elaichi in the prasad, she is jealous of her baby. Dhara asks her to ask her Bua. Rishita calls it enough.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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