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Pandya Store 13th July 2022 Episode starts with Suman taking the money bag. She says everyone has seen their dreams, I didn’t like any idea. She says Dhara was ready to sell my house to get Shiva back, we won’t know how she spends the money.

Dhara says the money won’t multiply if we keep, we will invest it for our profits. Suman says you have the knowledge, Dhara invites trouble, I have three sons doing business, don’t talk of money. Everyone suggests their ideas. Suman gets angry. He asks do you all think you have a right on this money.

They say yes. She says yes, you all have a right on this money, wait. She gives them 50000rs each. She gives 1.5 lakhs to repair the house. She says now forget that I have the money, I also want financial independence,

Dhara you run the house and take money from me, write everything in the diary. Rishita asks will you read the diary. Suman says give the money back, that’s why one shouldn’t get educated bahus.

Krish is with his friends. He says I got a second hand bike, very soon I will have the new bike. Raavi says I got the phone and stand for 25000rs, take this 25000rs back, you keep it, use it in the house repair. Dhara says yes, it will be safe with me. Gautam, Shiva and Dev also give their money to Dhara.

Gautam says we have no expenses. Dhara says fine, I will add my 50000rs in this, we will deposit this money in the baby’s account, it will be good if we save the money for the baby. Dev nods. Rishita comes. Dev asks her to contribute the money for the baby. Rishita says I have some other plans. Raavi takes selfies. Shiva jokes on Raavi.

He asks her to do something big. Raavi says see what I do, I got this phone today. Kirti meets Krish. She says wow, so this as your surprise, the bike looks cool, you remember right, we completed one year, its our anniversary.

Krish says I remember it. She asks did you get any lottery. He says I earned this from online trading, don’t tell anyone. She says that’s so cool, I love you even more now. He says I love you more. They hug.

Pandyas get the house renovated. Shubh din aayo… plays… After four days, Dhara, Rishita and Raavi leave their handprints at the door. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…. Suman does the puja. Everyone prays. They all see the house and smile happily. After one month, Suman asks is this light needed in morning also. She pulls Raavi’s ears.

Raavi says I didn’t leave it open, I will switch it off. Suman says you all are getting spoiled, who will switch off the AC. Shiva says everyone is sleeping, keep the mind calm. Suman says I m feeling cold. He switches off the AC. Krish comes home from jogging and switches on the AC. He goes on a call. Suman asks will you all lose the money soon. She worries. Kanta brings Suman home and praises the house.

Suman gets shocked seeing the electricity bill. Krish goes to Rishita and says I have made pasta for you. He thinks to talk about Kirti and him. Suman calls Krish and asks him to read the bill amount. He says 15000rs. She shouts.

He goes to switch off the lights. Suman calls everyone there. They ask what happened. Krish signs them. Suman asks Kanta to go now, she has to bring back the family on track. Kanta goes.

Suman says you have fixed the AC and geyser, and got such huge bill of 15000rs. They all get shocked. Gautam asks how did the bill come so much, I don’t run AC. They check the bill. Shiva says its of one month, right. Gautam says yes.

He shows it to Dhara. Suman asks how much bill did we use to get before. Dhara says 1000-1500rs. Suman scolds them. She says you will listen to me now, I won’t pay the bill, let the electricity get cut down, then you will know.


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Telecast Date:13th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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