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Pandya Store 13th July 2021 Episode starts with Rishita calling Kalyani. She gets angry. Dev comes to convince her. He gets a saree as a gift. Rishita asks him not to convince her. He asks her to see her fav colour. She says my mum got upset because of you, I don’t like this. He says you are so beautiful, its tough to find a matching dress, sorry, not because I returned the gifts, if I didn’t return that then I would have fallen in my own sight, I promise I will try to fulfill your demands. She says I would have not come to you if I was a gold digger, I don’t want ATM card and gifts, I m upset that my mum left from here, I hate you, I m missing Kalyani, I want my mum. Dev consoles and hugs her.

Hardik gets the glasses for drinks. Gautam says I just came to meet you, Dhara is waiting at home. Hardik insists him to drink. He says being single has an advantage, I can’t get beaten up by wife. Gautam says I have to go, you also drink a little, don’t drink much. Hardik says I want to talk to you, like a friend. Gautam asks what is it. Hardik says I felt sorry seeing Dhara sleeping in the hall. Gautam says you are just upset for her, I m also upset, I m trying hard to make a room for her, expenses are much, budget has dropped. Hardik says you can take money from me. Gautam asks why, don’t you trust me, I love her a lot, I tried a lot to keep her happy and fulfill her needs, don’t take tension, I will manage, drink less. Hardik says fine. Gautam hugs him and leaves.

Kaka drinks and hears an old song. Shiva comes. He recalls Raavi. Kaka says you are newly married, go home, wife wants husband’s time, not money. He jokes and laughs. He asks what happened, go home, if Gautam knows this, then he will beat me also. Shiva says I don’t want to go home. Kaka says fine, let me stay with my wife alone. Shiva asks which Kaki, when did you get married. Kaka shows the alcohol bottle and says this is your Kaki. Shiva says its stolen from somewhere. Kaka says I got this from outside. Dhara says Shiva didn’t come home. Gautam says don’t worry, sleep, Raavi is there to worry for him. Dhara says until they three come home, I can’t get peace, did anything happen between Shiva and Raavi. Gautam says I don’t know, I didn’t go to shop, I was busy at the bank, maybe Shiva did something, let him come, I will see him. She says he gets upset when someone does wrong with him, he is clean hearted, he is really nice. Shiva drinks. Kaka asks him to stop. Shiva gets angry. He says I should have not got married. Kaka says you finished the bottle at once. Shiva says I love you Kaka, don’t feel bad. He gets drunk. He says I will sleep here. Kaka asks him to go home. Shiva leaves. Kaka says I never saw Shiva like this, maybe his heart is hurt. He prays for Shiva. Dhara opens the door and asks why did you get late. Shiva stumbles. She asks did you get drunk. He says sorry.

He turns away. Gautam comes. He thinks Shiva is drunk, now Dhara will beat him. Shiva says sorry, I love you. Dhara asks why did you drink, tell me. Gautam says don’t beat him. She says I will beat him, I will not leave the house, I raised these donkeys. She asks Shiva to look at her, why did he drink. Gautam says if mum knows, then it will be a big issue, let him go. Shiva says thanks for saving me. He talks silly things. He says I know that Sneha. Gautam says you just know Raavi, go to your room, else I will beat you. Shiva acts to run. Gautam asks will you run here, go ahead. He takes Shiva. Shiva says you are a gem, brother, love you. He goes to his room. Gautam says he isn’t in senses. Dhara says I will not leave his friends. Gautam smiles and says we will talk in the morning. She says Raavi will be scared seeing him drunk, I will go and see. Shiva shuts the door. Gautam asks what are you doing. Dhara says he locked the door from inside. Shiva falls down. He sees Raavi sleeping. Dhara says he will fight with Raavi. Gautam says it won’t happen. She says you know him. She asks Shiva to open the door. She says there is no voice coming.

Gautam says you are still tensed. She says you call him. He lifts her and takes her. Dev turns and says I didn’t see anything, maybe Dev has a foot sprain, so you have lifted her in arms. Dev goes smiling. Krish jokes on Gautam. Gautam asks Krish to close eyes and sleep. Gautam makes Dhara sleep. He asks Dhara to close eyes. Shiva sees Raavi and smiles. He says you and I have no match. He gets her diary. He sees Raavi and Dev written in hearts. He sees I love you written on the next page. He gets a dried rose. He gets sad.


Pandya Store 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva asks Raavi about the diary. Raavi says you got drunk. Shiva says you are free to break the marriage and go, why didn’t you go, our relation is over, go from here.

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Telecast Date:13th July 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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