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Pandya Store 11th May 2022  Episode starts with Shiva and Dev scold the officials. Dhara, Raavi and rishita come running there. Dev says I explained you to take permission, you don’t listen to me. The official says I will see you now. Dhara says give some time to us. The official says lock the shop, then you will get calm. Shiva and Dev argue. The man threatens Dev that he will close his store.

Rishita worries and asks Dev to come. She leaves alone. Janardhan asks what, Dev did this. He ends the call and says Dev will spoil everything, what shall I do. He thinks of Kamini. The officer locks the store. He says you had to take permission on a simple form and now you are arguing.

Dev says we will take the permissions, its not right to take the ration. The man asks them to pay 30000rs fine and take their stuff back. Dev sees the store locked. He says this shop won’t be closed for long time, I promise. Dhara cries. Dev goes.

Rishita says Shiva didn’t take the permission in hurry, what will he do now, does he have a plan. Dev says no. She asks him not to get involved in this matter. Dev says I will see how anyone closes this store. Kamini comes to Dev.

She says you are hiding things from us, we know you have applied for permission, one should learn loyalty from you. Dev says I got to know what you did in Shiva’s party, its good if you know less about us. He goes.

Dhara recalls Rishita and cries. She packs tiffin. Raavi asks why are you crying. Dhara says Rishita always stands with us during problems, she came yesterday also, I miss her. Kamini asks Rishita to have food. Rishita says no one cares for me. Kamini says Dev can be proved wrong. Rishita asks her not to say it, let Dev decide.

Dhara says don’t know when did this distance come between us that we have to think before packing things for her. Dev comes and calls her out. He says I got permission to build second floor of the store. She asks really. He hugs her. He asks where is Gautam. She says he went to physiotherapist with Shiva.

Gautam and Shiva come home and get the news. Gautam hugs Dev. Dev gives the papers and asks him to get the ration back when the lock opens. Shiva says you did good. Dev asks him to say it with love. Dhara says I have made dhokla and Khandvi, will you take it for Rishita. Raavi gets the tiffin and gives to Dev. Dev takes Dhara’s blessings. Dhara asks him to keep coming home. Dev leaves.

Rishita likes the food. Dev says I got much tired, finally we got the permissions, how is the food, Dhara has sent it. She stops eating. He asks what happened. She says nothing, she has sent it because you got the store permissions. He says no, we can go back home. She says I have no enmity with them, I have seen financial independence now, I don’t want to lose it, I don’t trust both families, I just want to think about our baby.

Pandya store construction starts again. Zidh hai meri…. Plays… Dhara and Raavi work at the shop. Dev smiles. Rishita worries seeing no customers in her shop. Shiva works with the labor. Dhara is with Gautam. Shiva hears them. Gautam says I won’t go to shop, else they can’t learn anything, I m happy that they are learning, I will step behind. She says I think you should go, Shiva and Pandya store need you. Shiva goes.

The family comes to Pandya store. Shiva climbs the ladder. Dev holds the ladder. Suman inaugurates the new store. Dhara does the aarti. Everyone smiles and claps. Shiva says our super store is ready. Gautam makes the Swastik and writes Shubh Labh. All the brothers apply their hand prints like in childhood. Yaadon ki baraat…plays…. Suman blesses her sons. Dhara smiles.

Gautam hugs his brothers. Dhara gets prasad and gives it to Raavi. She sees the gifts and fruits packed. She says I used to ask Rishita not to buy anything for the baby, but I got this today. She shows the baby clothes and toys. Raavi smiles and says its really good, its much. Dhara says we will go and give these things to Rishita. Raavi says I will sit at the store for sometime.

Shiva and Raavi say Gautam and Dhara will sit at the store today. Rishita and Dev are at their store. She sees Shiva and Raavi working at Pandya store, and having lots of customers. She says you wanted to help, look there now, they went ahead of us, do you have any plan. Dev says they sell local handmade products, we have branded products, our strategy is lacking, we have to find it out.


Pandya Store 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kamini says the Pandya family will shatter in the puja. Rishita blames Dhara for putting Elaichi in the prasad. She says you are jealous of my baby. Dev and Dhara are shocked.

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Telecast Date:11th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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