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Pandya Store 10th August 2022 Episode starts with Gautam looking for Dhara. He doesn’t see her passing by. He calls her. Dev, Shiva and Krish come there. Gautam smiles seeing them. Dhara comes to them. He hugs his brothers.

He says I knew you will never leave Dhara and me alone. Krish says you thought so. Shiva says you think we are selfish. Dev says you made us fall in our sight. Gautam says no, you three are my life. He hugs them. A lady comes to Suman and asks for the reward for informing about Dhara. Ladies come and fool Suman to get the cash reward. Suman says you all are fooling me, give me my money.

Dev asks Dhara where did she go. Gautam scolds Dhara. He asks do you like giving tension to the family. She says I won’t do this again. Shiva asks Gautam not to shout. They go home. Rishita hugs Dhara. Suman stops Dhara and says everyone can come inside. Dhara says please let me come inside.

She swears on Suman that she won’t do this again. Suman says don’t swear on me. She asks Raavi to get aarti plate for Dhara. Raavi gets the aarti plate. She takes Chiku and says we missed you a lot. Suman blesses Dhara.

Suman jokes on Dhara. Krish says it’s a good idea. Suman says I have a better idea. She asks Gautam to turn away. She asks Raavi to switch off her phone, else she will get famous as a torturing Saas. Dhara runs away. Suman asks her to come. Dhara says no, you will beat me, I m sorry, forgive me. Gautam asks Suman to explain Dhara, he can’t handle her now.

Suman says I didn’t go to file the report, I went to find some solution that we can keep this baby permanently with us. Everyone smiles. Suman asks Dhara to come. Dev says Suman found a solution to keep Chiku with us, you went before we could explain you. Rishita gives the papers. Dhara cries happily.

Gautam says Suman is more excited to keep the baby. Suman says I m fast, baby will stay with us now. Raavi says we will celebrate in evening. Everyone wishes her all the best. She asks them to see her live show. Shiva thinks she didn’t look at me once. Suman gives Chiku to Dhara. Dhara smiles happily.

Gautam says I have filled the foster plan, I will submit it. Dev says you didn’t enter date of birth. He fills it. Shweta’s parents are leaving. Shweta asks where are they going. Her mum says Somnath. Rishita sees Raavi’s show on tv. They all see Raavi and clap. Rishita says she didn’t wear that dress. Shiva thinks Raavi took the right decision, did she think about me. Dhara says she always looks good, she has become a star in Somnath.

Gautam says we should give her a party. Suman asks did you take her party, she got food for everyone, she earned 1.5 lakhs that day, Dhara had upset everyone. Dhara asks 1.5 lakhs? Really? Suman says yes, she went for anchoring today, 50000rs is the pay. Gautam goes to submit the form.

Shweta’s mum says we will get your baby home. Shweta asks what’s the hurry, I didn’t get fine, its not confirmed about baby present in Somnath, I m also worried for my baby, let me get fine, we will go together. She cries.

Her mum says okay, we won’t go. Shweta thinks my baby is safe with that woman, I want to forget my scary past, the baby reminds me of that. Gautam says I have started the paperwork, Chiku will become part of our family. Dhara hugs the baby. Everyone gets happy.

Shiva says your sibling will come soon, then you will become an elder brother. Dhara smiles. Dev makes Chiku meet the baby. They all play. Gautam sings yaadon ki baraat…. They all hug.


Pandya Store 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi asks Shiva for a glass of water. Suman scolds Raavi. Raavi argues with Shiva.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
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