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Pandya Store 10th April 2021 Episode starts with Prafulla saying we will go to Suman’s house right now. Jagat says I respect Shiva more now, he has married Raavi. She says take me to Suman’s house right away. Suman sees Dhara handling things to welcome the brides. Dhara asks Suman to check the things once. Suman says you have made marriage a joke, you wanted to become mum, this is the difference between real and fake mum. Dhara cries. Suman says two marriages happen here, but there is just sorrow, you ruined it all. Dhara goes. Hardik takes care of Anita. He asks is there any medicine or balm. Anita says yes, its in kitchen drawer. He goes to get it. Dhara says I have just heard that jodis are made by Lord’s wish, I wish they never get sorrow, Dev got his love, but I have forced Shiva and Raavi to marry, fill love in their lives, make everything fine. Suman and Dhara go to welcome the newly weds. Raavi thinks my dream looks shallow today. She sees Shiva and cries. Dhara goes to do the aarti. Rishita stops Dhara. Dev asks why did you stop Dhara.

Rishita says I m rectifying her mistake, how can Dhara do our aarti, its Saas’ right, she isn’t our Saas, let Suman do the aarti. Prafulla says she is saying right, Dhara isn’t their mum, she is no one’s mum. She thinks Rishita can ruin Dhara’s house today itself. Hardik does the aid to Anita’s leg. He gives her medicines. Rishita says Dhara is also a bahu like us, just Saas has a right to do aarti, better Suman does the aarti. Suman looks on. Shiva says Dhara decides what’s right and wrong for us, no one will go in until Dhara does the aarti. Dev says Dhara will do the aarti, if you want to stay here, then follow the rules, we have same stand for Suman and Dhara. He asks Rishita not to forget, they got married because of Dhara. Anita says you can lock the door and go from the window, then I don’t need to get up and lock the door. Hardik says idea is good. She says its Raavi’s idea, she used to go this way to meet Dev. He says Shiva will keep Raavi happy, that day will come, Shiva isn’t like he appears, you will see his truth and goodness.

Rishita says its wrong, we got married because I reached there, Dhara was getting Dev married to that girl. Shiva says her name is Raavi, her status is same as yours in this house, ask your family what’s Dhara’s status for us, we will go inside the house when Dhara does the aarti. Dev says Dhara is our mum. Rishita says she isn’t your mum, there is a difference in being mum and equal to mum. Gautam says Rishita, relations should have limits, else they shatter and break, you are our bahu now, we don’t have an argument in our house. Rishita asks can’t I keep my opinion. Gautam says you should be in limits of relations. Shiva says she left her own parents, will we explain her how Dhara matters to us, Dhara didn’t give us birth like Yashoda didn’t give birth to Krishna, if we tell you her sacrifices, then it will be her insult, we won’t hear anything against her, if you make this mistake again, then I will forget our relation. Dhara asks him to stand with Raavi.

Prafulla says I will do aarti. Suman asks why, I m listening to everyone since much time, its my house, my decisions will work here, I will decide who will do aarti here. She says Rishita, Dhara isn’t your Saas, you said she is like mum, so she is like your Saas, so she is your Saas from today and I m your Maha Saas, if you agree then stay here, else there is an option, go. Dhara cries. Suman asks Dhara to tell them. She says those who want to get aarti done by Dhara come in else leave. Dhara asks shall I do the aarti. Suman says yes. Dhara does the aarti. Rishita looks on angrily. Shiva thinks I did this marriage on Dhara’s saying, how will I keep this relation.


Pandya Store 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva goes to Raavi. They argue. He pours water on himself to cool his anger.

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Telecast Date:10th April 2021
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