Nimki Vidhayak 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update, Nimki Vidhayak  Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 9th October 2019 Episode Start With Mintu says I am Babbu from now. Tell me about your Babbu. Nimki says e isn’t mine okay. Make tea for me. Mintu goes to the kitchen. Nimki says in heart, Annaro the Babbu that I had to end because of me, I have to make him alive again for you.
Shankar gets calls. He says no Parag has nothing to do with the death of the farmer. He only went to meet him and ask how was he doing. Parag says I will go wherever I want. Hang up now. Shankar says Ganga Mukhiya wants to talk to you. Ganga says Ranjan is behind these people. They would record my call and pick up anything I would say to arrange another protest. Parag says I am Ex CM’s son. Who is a Mukhiya to question me? Ganga says because of your stupidity they are all after me. Paraga says I got you the land. Ganga says I asked you to stay silent till elections.

Nimki teaches Mintu how to walk, eat, and talk like Babbu. His friends laugh. Mintu gives Nimki food who is acting like Babbu. Mintu says how is the food? Nimki throws it on the floor. Mintu says was Babbu crazy? Mintu says I am Babbu, son of Tettar and Annaro. He tells the names of his family members. Nimki says learned well. Dadi made you eat almonds? Mintu’s friend says dadi eats everything herself. Dadi says shut up. I will cut your stomach and get everything I fed you out. Dadi says Mintu do I look like heroin? Friend says are you also working in Nimki’s movie. Nimki, says this isn’t a movie. He says I can act too. Dadi says I got dressed to make a video. Nimki you come and make a video with me. Nimki says I can’t do all this. I am leaving. Mintu says what are you both doing. Nimki says to Mintu’s friend what is happening here. And Mintu you, can’t you sit straight like Babbu. Dadi says get out. Mintu won’t be Babbu. Mintu says Dadi calm down. Mintu says you have to react to everything.

Mintu says Vishnu, if you do anything I would punch you. Nimki says no tell him you would burry him. Mintu says in Babbu’s tone, I would burry you. Dadi says what are making out of my Mintu. Nimki recalls Babbu. He says how did you like? Nimki says Babbu would use hand too. Mintu slaps Vishnu. Nimki says it wasn’t hard enough. Babbu’s slap would echo everywhere. Vishnu says no, I won’t get anymore slaps. Vishnu says how do you know about his slaps? Did he slap you? Nimki recalls Babbu slapping her. Mintu says what happened? Let’s start again. Nimki says enough for today. Your friends keep commenting on it. Let’s go out. Dadi says to do everything here. Nimki says I have to make him walk like Mintu.

Nimki buys two ice creams. Nimki says Babbu would never eat kulfi. He says and Nimki would eat two? Nimki says always. If Tune brought one, I would slap him. Mintu says who is Tune now? Nimki says I have nothing to do with him now. Mintu says this is how you get to know people. Nimki says you have known enough. Nimki says walk and stand straight. She spills ice cream on him. Nimki cleans his shirt. He says your kulfi.. Nimki throws it away. Nimki says walk. He says Annaro just sees my face. Why do we need all this? Nimki says she will recognize any day. Nimki says walk with attitude. He says why girls like men with attitude? Nimki recalls Babbu walking. Mintu walks like Babbu. He says well now? Nimki says yes. Keep walking. Mintu collides with someone, he says sorry. Nimki says you had to slap him. Mintu calls the man back and slaps him. He says why did you slap me? Mintu says this Nimki asked me to. The man runs after Nimki. Nimki runs and hides. Mintu says why did you run? I am Babbu. I would save you. Nimki says I wish he saved me.

Nimki Vidhayak 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Nimki sees a protest against Ganga. Mintu is there.


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