Nimki Vidhayak 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Nimki Vidhayak Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Minto’s friend says I came for Mauha so I could free Dadi. He tells them that Mauha should come with me so I can free Dadi. Tunee slaps him. His friend says Nimki you have to make sure that nothing happens to Dadi. Nimki says you go from here, I will do something. He leaves. Nimki says this is serious, only one person can help me.

Ganga tells Shankar that Nimki wanted to meet me today. Parag says if she wants to meet you then call her. Ganga says seems like you like her. Nimki comes there and says Shukla’s manager came to my house and tried to bribe me but I insulted him. Ganga says once we have the power, we will deal with Shukla. Nimki says you have to help me, they have kidnapped Minto’s Dadi to blackmail me. Ganga says what? She asks her to show Dadi’s video. Nimki is about to show her the video but Ganga gets a call and the person says that we have found that woman in Patna. Ganga says good, I will find her soon. Parag asks Nimki to not worry about her, tomorrow is a new day for us. Ganga says you are right, Nimki you don’t worry, just wait till tomorrow.

In the morning, Nimki is getting ready. Mauha asks her to save Dadi.

Nimki arrives at the parliament. Ganga comes there and tells reporters that we are here to serve people. Shukla is angry at Minto and tells his manager to not take his name.

Dumri and Mauha are watching the news.

Nimki meets Pishko and his friend. His friend says we are not able to find Minto. Nimki says he will save his Dadi, I can’t change my sides like this. How can I break Ganga’s trust? Pishko says if something happens to Dadi then Minto won’t be able to forgive you. Nimki recalls Minto’s love for his Dadi and Ganga’s trust in her.

Ganga gets some papers from her manager and is shocked.
Nimki comes in the parliament. Shukla is on the call and tells his man that if we don’t get Nimki’s vote then don’t spare Minto’s Dadi. Speaker asks everyone to settle down for voting. Nimki is tensed and thinks that I have to do something. Voting starts. Nimki votes too.

Nimki Vidhayak 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap: Mishra says to Ganga that our victory was confirmed then how did this happen? Ganga says you have to answer the media. Media questions Ganga that she was confident for the victory then how did she lose? Parag is angry at everyone going against them.


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