Nimki Vidhayak 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 4th January 2020 Written Episode , Nimki Vidhayak Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 4th January 2020 Episode Start With A minister says Nimki it was your mistake that you provoked Shukla. Another says she is innocent. Nehar says yes the entire game is ruined. Nimki says Tripathi lost a friend. Money can come back but his friendship cannot. Tripathi what are you thinking? He says I used to consider Shukla my brother. Nimki says it was all anger. A minister says once Shukha is mad at someone, he doesn’t leave that person. He takes his revenge. Nimki says Tripathi can tell better. Nimki says if I were in your place, I would have left the party. He says what would public think of me? And Shukla would label me as a traitor. Nimki says you’re right. People support local people. I have an idea. Before Shukla says anything against you, you people start accusing him of false things.

Scene 2
Mintu says to his friends dadi was really mad because of Annaro. She wanted to leave the house. We have to make this cute video for us. They play music. Mintu says where are speakers? They look for dadi. Rekha says Dadi left. Mintu says for where? She says I don’t know. She had a bag. Mintu says dadi’s phone is off too. Dadi sent a video message. Dadi says Mintu my friend was in trouble. So I had to leave without telling you. Mintu says she is lying. I know that for sure. Mintu is scared. Vishnu says dadi must be near. She is trolling you. Mintu says none of her things are here. He says nothing is here. The shawl I got her isn’t here either. Her box isn’t here either. Dadi left me. He cries. His friends try to calm him down. Mintu says I couldn’t give her time. There was something that was troubling her. I feel like an orphan for the first time. Dadi please come back. I can’t live without you.

Annaro comes and says Babbu why are you crying? Vishnu says dadi would come back. Annaro says you’re crying for that old woman? And what are all these balloons for? Rekha says he wanted to make a video with her. But she left. I never saw him crying for you like this. Annaro says you got her all these things? I am glad she left. Who was she to you? You kept calling her dadi. She forgot her worth. Stop looking at me like this. She is nothing. Mintu says enough. Don’t say a word against dadi. Annaro says I would what would you do? Babbu says enough. He says bhabhi take her upstairs. Rekha says let’s go please. He’s very mad. Annaro says this is my house. I can say whatever I want. I will kill that old woman if she comes back. Mintu throttles Annaro. His friends stop him. Mintu says my dadi left because of you. You did all this. How will I answer her? He leaves her and says I am sorry amma. Annaro says he never behaved like this.

Mintu is crying. He recalls Dadi crying. He recalls making her eat. He recalls dadi being insecure. She asked him to leave with him.

Scene 3
Nimki comes to Ganga and says you called me? What happened. Ganga says I was right. Tripathi has planned a press conference. Your hard work would pay off now. Nimki says Parag and Mishra did their roles very well. Ganga says I thought it was you only. Tripathi says we joined politics for people. They are more important than the party for us. We can’t be traitors to our public. Hence, we are all announcing our resignations. Nimki smiles and hugs Ganga.

Nimki Vidhayak 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Reports ask Tripathi would it cause re-elections? He says Nimki double-crossed us. She has to pay for it.

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Telecast Date: 4th January 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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