Nimki Vidhayak 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Nimki Vidhayak Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 16th November 2019 Episode Start With All the women sing. Nimki dances with them too. Sweeti says what is happening here? Nimki says I don’t know what is Mauha planning. Abhi laughs. Nimki says Mauha everyone is getting late. Mauha peeks in. Tune says to Mauha is it important? She says yes. He says if he sees us he won’t leave us.
Nimki says I am so hungry.Mauha and Tune sneak in. Mauha says you go out and keep an eye outside. Nimki says I am dying with hunger Tune. Tune says ask your sister.

Parag washes his face and recalls what Mauha did. He cleans his face.
Tune says Mauha come out where are you. He sees Mauha’s dupatta only. Tune says I can’t find Mauha. This is her dupatta. Nimki is worried. Sweeti says where is Mauha? Nimki says Tune is saying mauha was here then she disappeared.

Parag’s thugs drag Mauha to a dark place. Bihari’s man comes and says what are you doing here? Nimki says my sister came here. Where did she go? He says we didn’t see her. We saw some boys. Tune says what if they picked Mauha?

Nimki comes to the police station. Nimki says I won’t leave anyone if you don’t find my sister. Inspector says our investigation takes time. nimki says arrest Shukla. I am sure he did. Inspector says you can’t accuse home minister. We will investigate. Tune calls Nimki and says some people saw Mauha with some goons in a green color car. Nimki says I am sure Shukla is behind all this. Tune says I failed in protecting her. Nimki says I won’t let anything happen to her. Tune says Nimki, Mauha took Parag’s name. Nimki says I will kill him if he does anything to Mauha.

Scene 2
Ganga says to Shankar you sent Parsad to everyone and didn’t take some to your home? Take some. Ganga says where is Parag? Shankar says he went out with his friends. Nimki says Parag come out. Ganga says this is my house what is happening? Nimki says my sister Mauha is abducted. She went to neighbors. She took Parag’s name. I am sure he did this. Ganga says Abhi.. you know law right. If Mauha took Parag’s name does that mean he abducted her? Nimki says this time I will forget he is your son and won’t slap only. Ganga says go out. Leave right now. Ganga says Shankar, make sure this girl never comes to our house again. Or even if she comes, she should know where is she coming. Nimki says you know me very well. Ganga says if you knew me, you would have known that if Parag abducted your sister I would be the first one to punish him. Abhi says Nimki let’s go. Right now we have to find Parag. Let’s go to the inspector.

Scene 3
The goon says she is pretty. Parag says I will cut her tongue and kill her. Ganga calls Para and says did you kidnap Mauha? He says why would I? Ganga says if you have done it, remember you would die. And I will kill you. Parag tells his friends that his mom is doubting him. His friend says send that girl to your mom’s shed instead of yours. She won’t search for her there. Parag asks his thugs to take Mauha to Ganga’s shed.
Nimki says after so long Mauha and I hugged. We can together after so long.

Mauha is crying. The goons drag her. Mauha says please let me go. Why did you bring me here? A man comes there.
Abhi says we will find Mauha. Don’t worry. Nimki says when I come close to someone, they go away from me.
The man is the caretaker of the shed. He says don’t scream. You won’t try to run. There is another man captured there. The man hits and breaks his hands. He says this guy tried to run. I hope you won’t try the same. Mauha cries and screams. The other guy is Mintu. She can’t see his face.


Nimki Vidhayak 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Mintu asks Mauha is there anything pointed near you? She throws something towards him. Mintu releases himself and comes to Mauha. She sees his face and is shocked.


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