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Nima Denzongpa 9th September 2021 Suman brings Nima to her home. Maaji asks where are you from Mina? Nima says my name is Nima, I am from Sikkim. Maaji asks about her husband? Nima says he doesn’t live with us, I have 3 daughters. Maaji says then how will you work here? Nima says I will handle them, just give me a chance. Maaji says you can’t keep the kids here so just leave. Nima sadly starts leaving but Baaky tells Maaji that she looks like an innocent girl. Maaji tells Nima to come from tomorrow work, one week will be her test. Suman tells Nima to come on time for work. Nima nods and leaves.

Nima comes to Sarla’s home. She says I got the work and I just want my kids to study. I am looking for a place to live but they are demanding high prices. Sarla says Suresh should help you as they are his daughters also. Nima says I don’t want anything from Suresh now, Tulika and Ayi won’t let him also. I am just worried about the deposit to get a house. Sarla says I know a place where you can get the place without any deposit but the problem is that location is not good. Nima asks what’s the issue? It’s in society right? Sarla looks on.

In the morning, Tulika is mopping the floor. Sunita asks her to clean nicely. Tulika asks her to bring more water. Sunita pours water on her. Tulika says don’t make me angry. Sunita shows her that some new neighbor is coming. They are cleaning the house in front of us. Tulika says let’s go there and find out who is shifting there.

Nima gets the new small house. She cleans it and the kids are happy to have their own house. Nima puts a sheet on the floor and makes the kids sit there. Nima gives them rice with sugar and says soon we will have better food. Sia asks when will we meet Baba? Nima says he won’t meet us now. The doorbell rings, Nima opens it to find Sunita and Tulika there. They are shocked to see her. Sunita says you? How come you are here again? How did you afford this house? Tulika says I told you to not enter here. Nima says this is my house so don’t disturb us, go from here. She closes the door on their faces. Sunita and Tulika are stunned.

Scene 2
Nima gets Sia and Mania admitted to a school. Nima says I will submit their fees tomorrow. The principal says fine and welcomes them. Nima comes to Sarla and thanks her. Sarla says my boss is out of the country so I will take care of your kids. Don’t worry about anything. Nima says I have some hope now. She says I have to go to work, I am late.

Sunita is watching a drama on TV. Tulika says we are in trouble but you are watching TV? Suresh doesn’t even look at me and now that Nima is back. What if they get back together? Sunita says I can’t understand where did she get money from? Suresh can’t give that much money. Tulika says where did she get guts from to answer us back? I can’t let Suresh find her. Sunita says Suresh is not blind, she is our neighbor now so we have to get Nima run away from here. You are a lioness so we can take over this Nima easily. Tulika says you are right, I won’t be scared of her.

Nima comes to Suman’s house and she is late. Maaji stops her and says you can’t work here like this, you are late on the first day only. Nima says I am sorry, I had to go to get the kids admitted to the school. I am really sorry. Maaji laughs and says you have good stories to tell. We can’t give you this job now so leave. Suman says please Maaji.. Maaji says my decision is final. Suman’s son comes there and says I have a stomach ache. Maaji hugs him and asks what happened? Nima says I can make something for him and it will calm his ache. Maaji says no, I don’t trust you so leave. Baaky tells Maaji that she might know some herbs, I will keep an eye on her so give her a chance. Maaji stops Nima and asks her to make it. Nima goes to the kitchen and uses some leaves to make kaada for Suman’s son. He drinks it and says my ache is gone, I am totally fine. Nima asks him to rest and tells Suman that I will give you the recipe. She starts leaving but Maaji stops her and says you can continue working. Nima smiles and goes to work.

Sunita breaks Nima’s house lock and goes inside with Tulika. They see that the house doesn’t have any furniture. Tulika says there is nothing to break here. We should leave. Sunita says we should at least throw these sheets around. Tulika throws sugar and water around. Tulika says that’s it. Sunita says it will scare her. Tulika writes a curse on her door and leaves with Sunita.

Nima comes home with her kids. She finds curse written on the door. Nima goes in the house and sees things thrown around. She looks on.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2021
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