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Nima Denzongpa 9th May 2022 Sia is wearing sindur and mangalsutra. Nima is shocked to see her. Everyone is shocked. Nima says what joke is this? Are you trying to take revenge from me? Shiv comes in. Nima says you both..

Sunita pulls them in. She says what is all this? Shiv says for holi Kanchan and I went to Bhopal for her baby shower. Mayank also went with her. Since Mayank and Sia got engaged, she started getting really agitated. On baby shower day she had a fight with Mayank. I heard it and we got to know they’re not brother and sister, they have an affair. Her child was also Mayank’s.

Maa got a stroke and I divorced her. I was very upset. Sia came to see me at Bhopal. Maa asked me to get married to Sia. After we got married, she passed away. I am sorry I put her in that situation. Nima says don’t cry Sia. We always liked Shiv. You did the right thing. God saved you. You gave Shiv’s mom peace.

Sia says you understood my condition but I didn’t understand yours. You also had a similar situation. Nima says it’s okay. You learn it with time. You chose an amazing guy for you. Nima says I am very happy you’re part of our family Shiv. She hugs them. Virat says what a mindblowing woman. I mean..

Sunita dances. Maniya says our weddings are all weird but we all got good life partners. Nima says Maniya.. You said anything. She says let’s do pagpheray ritual. Sunita says I will only dance.

Nima does Shiv and Sia’s arti. Nima gives her necklace to Sia. Sunita says what about Shiv? Nima says I will arrange something. Virat gives him a bracelet. Nima says no you can’t do that. Virat says you’re my wife and Sia is also related to me. He gives the bracelet to Shiv and says always keep Sia happy. Sia says I want to talk to you. He says sure. They go out.

Virat says you want to say sorry to me? It’s okay, no worries. You must be thinking about what kind of man Nima married. Your mom had a very big heart. Sia says you’re very nice. Do you love aai? He says yes, her and your whole family. Sia says no the life partner love? Do you love her? I am sorry I said a lot of things in anger.

I said aai can never love. But she loves with all her heart. She never got the same love in return. She says aai baba used to live here. He married another woman and lived a normal life. She was so hurt. When baba realized his mistake, it was too late. Aai spent her whole life on us. When I see her with you I see hope she can get love and happiness.

If you love her promise me you will always take care of her. Virat says promise. Nima comes and says what is all this Sia? Nima says you’re not doing right with Virat. She says sorry, she’s still a child. Let’s go in Shiv is waiting. She takes Sia inside. Virat holds her hand and does the promise. Sia smiles.

Scene 2
Mona says Nima does everyone marry like this in your house? Saved wedding expenses though. Priyal says di why would you say that. Congrats Nima. I am very happy for Sia. She says tomorrow is the anniversary right? Alok says yes we will do pooja. Nima says I will take Krish outside. Priyal says I will come with you too. Nima says no stay in the pooja, I will handle Krish.

Scene 3
Nima comes to Virat and says I am taking Krish. He’s ready for pooja. Nima says I know today isn’t easy for you. But they must be so proud of you for all the compromise and love you’ve given to Krish. He hugs her and says no one talks about them. You’re very nice. Priyal looks at them.

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