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Nima Denzongpa 7th September 2021 Tulika’s friend Chugli comes outside her house and asks her to come outside. Chugli tells her that Nima is back in the society. Tulika says don’t let her enter the society. I am coming in a bit. Tulika tells Sunita that I have a ladies problem and leaves.

Nima’s daughter Mania gets down from the bus and looks around for Nima.

Nima is walking around, searching for Mania. Tulika comes to her and says we insulted you so much but you are still back? She tells Sia that your mom is shameless. Nima cries and says Mania is lost, I need Suresh’s help. Tulika says don’t take Suresh’s name as it angers me. I thought you would have died till now. Nima says you are a mother, what if God.. Tulika says don’t even talk about my son. We have different fates, you thought you could trap Suresh again like this? She asks her to look in the society, today is my son’s party. We are celebrating after finally getting rid of you. If you don’t want to stoop more low then get lost from here. Nima pleads her to show some mercy. Tulika gives her a bottle of poison and says it’s strong enough to kill you, you can use it if you want. Tulika leaves. Nima looks on. She sadly looks at Suresh’s poster with Tulika and their son.

A family is in the car. The guy’s mother Maaji tells him that I want to use the washroom. She scolds her daughter in law for giving her too much water. The guy asks the driver to stop at a hotel. The guy’s kids say we want to eat burgers. The guy scolds them and says we will eat packed food only. These all hotel managers are thieves. Maaji asks when are we reaching the hotel? I can’t wait more. She gets the car stopped and gets down. Her daughter in law takes her to the bushes. Maaji goes to relieve herself. The daughter in law hears some girl crying in the bushes. She sees that her daughter Babita is in the car only. Maaji comes there. The daughter in law Suman tells her that some kid is crying out there. She goes to check. The son comes there and asks what happened? Maaji says Suman heard some kid crying and she went to check. Suman looks in the bushes and is shocked. She brings Mania to her family. The son says we can’t take her, she might be linked to a racket, they will loot us using this girl. Suman says look at the girl, there is no one around. She is all alone and doesn’t have her mother. I can’t leave her here like this. Maaji says you are showing sympathy to her while you don’t listen to me? Suman says I do everything you ask of me. The son says what to do about this kid? We can take her to Mumbai and hand her over to the police. Maaji says fine but this girl won’t sit with me in the car. The son says we will sort it out. They take Mania with them in the car. Mania sits with Suman’s kids. Suman asks Mania to not worry, we will find your family soon. Mania nods.

Scene 2
Suresh and Tulika do pooja for their son Varun. Suresh is tensed and lost. He gets a call from the police station but Tulika’s brother takes his phone. Suresh says let me talk. Tulika asks him to focus on the pooja. Tulika’s brother tells the police that we found the kid so cancel the complaint. He whispers to Sunita that it was about Nima’s daughter missing but I managed it. The priest tells Suresh that your pooja is done. Suresh recalls how Nima and him used to play with their daughters.

Nima is sadly walking on the road and recalls Tulika’s words that they are having a party, Suresh doesn’t care about her and the kids. She looks at the poison. Sia asks if it’s sweets? Give it to me also. Nima hugs her and cries. She says no, I can’t lose like this. I have to live for my kids at least, Mania must be fine.

Maaji and the family arrive at their house. Maaji asks what to do about this girl? Her son says the driver will take her to the police. Suman asks the driver to take care of her. He says sure. Suman is worried. The son says let’s go inside the house, the driver will take care of her. Suman asks Mania to not cry, everything will be fine. All family members go in the house. Suman tells Maaji that I forgot pooja plate in the car. Maaji says I will ask the servant Baaky. Suman says I will bring it.
The driver grabs Mania and says don’t irritate me otherwise I will slap you. Suman comes there and says what is this way of talking to a kid? Leave now. She takes the car keys from him. Suman tells Mania to not cry, you are a good baby, I will help you. We have to be silent here, I am taking a risk by keeping you here. Mania says okay. Suman says it’s just about the night, tomorrow I will find your mother. Mania nods and hugs her. Suman looks on. She takes Mania from there. She brings Mania to a storeroom and gives her some biscuits. She asks Mania to not make any noise, we will look for your family tomorrow. Suman leaves.

Nima tells Sia that we will look in all the buses for Mania. They see a bus coming there. She doesn’t find Mania in there. She looks in many buses but Mania is nowhere to be found. Sarla comes there and says thank God you are fine. She asks where is Mania? Nima cries and says she has been missing since morning. Sarla says that Suresh is so shameless, his wife and daughters are on the road and he is celebrating his son. I won’t spare him. Nima says no, I have got Suresh’s answer, I don’t want to be insulted more. Suresh threw me out of the house, I left the house but how could he accept that I would harm his son? He can celebrate his son all he want but I am hurt to know that he doesn’t care about our daughters. That’s enough, I will do everything on my own now. Sarla says I am with you, just tell me what to do? Nima says you can take the kids home, I will go and look for Mania. Sarla asks her to come home with her. You must be tired also. Nima says I can’t rest till I find Mania. Otherside Suresh is also searching for Nima.

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