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Nima Denzongpa 7th January 2022 Nima asks Suresh why you want to divorce Tulika? It won’t solve anything. Suresh says I don’t want to look at her face, she does so many cheap things and I can’t handle it anymore.

Nima says the kids get affected when their parents’ divorce. I have seen Sia struggling, it would be difficult for Varun to go through all this. Sunita says she is right, Tulika is not a good woman but Varun will go on the wrong path. Nima says Tulika would be insulted knowing you are living with your first wife. Suresh says she brought us to this stage, Varun is young now, he can handle himself, Tulika has to pay for her deeds. He leaves. Nima looks on.

Kanchan sees Shiv getting ready and goes close to him. She is about to kiss him but her friend comes there. He says I am really sorry for not knocking. I never had formality with Kanchan. Shiv says it’s okay, you both are close.

Her friend says Kanchan is lucky to get an understanding husband. He asks Shiv if he can help him find a job. Shiv says I will ask my HR if there is any vacancy, he leaves. Kanchan glares at her friend Mayank and says you shouldn’t have been here. Shiv comes back and says I forgot my wallet. Kanchan gives it to him, Shiv leaves.

Dinesh and Paras bring Suman back home. Suman recalls everything that happened, she is scared. Bakay asks how is she? She smiles. Babita hugs her. Paras says I will bring her medicines. Suman says don’t leave me please, I am scared. Maaji says we are all family members. Dinesh smirks at her. Ranisa says it’s good that she is back, what happened? Maaji says she is fine. Babita takes Suman from there. Maaji asks Ranisa to leave. Ranisa says I leave or come as I please.

Nima is working in the house. She tells Nari that I am worried about Mania. Nari asks her to relax. Sunita comes there and tries to talk to Nima. She says thank you. Nima says for what? Sunita says thank you for taking my side and saying that this is my house too. Nima smiles and says we never got along but I know you have a soft heart. Sunita smiles and says yes. Nari laughs at them.

Mania meets Paras and says you should be with your mother. Paras says I wanted to see my beautiful wife, everything will be fine soon. Mania smiles. Maaji calls Paras and says Suman is not well, she ahs been asking about you. Paras says I am coming, he ends the call. Maaji tells Dinesh that we have to keep Paras away from that girl.

Some women tell Tulika that Suresh and Nima lost their jobs, everything fine? Tulika is confused and says he wants a better job.

Nima tells Suresh and Mania that I pray Suman becomes fine soon. Nima tells Mania that I am with you, just wait till things are fine then I will talk to Suman. Mania hugs her. Suresh is calling people to ask for a job but he doesn’t get any opportunity. Nima says it’s difficult to find jobs. Mania says Sia is working.

Nima says we still need money, we have to be careful about spending money from now on. Sunita brings sweets and says I made them. Suresh says she must be ill. Sunita says shut up. Tulika hears them and says what is going on there? They will fight once they don’t have money to spend. I won’t let them win easily.

Nima calls Sia and says sorry, I didn’t want to take your money but we need it. Sia says it’s your money only, you can take it.
Sia is working in the office. She slips and Mayank holds her. Shiv sees them together and says what is Mayank doing here? He is on the call with Kanchan and she hears Mayank talking to Sia. Mayank asks Sia if she is fine? She says yes. Shiv comes there and says he is Kanchan’s friend. Sia smiles at him and goes to work. Mayank stares at her. Shiv notices it.

Varun is making graffiti on the wall on of Nima’s house. Nari comes there and says what are you doing? Varn fights with her. Sunita comes there and asks Varun what are you doing? Varun says it’s a painting. Suresh and Nima come there. Suresh asks Varun to do something valuable.

Sunita asks Varun to focus on his studies. Varun says it’s my art. He says this painting looks like Nari as she is ugly. Nari throws paint at him in anger. Tulika silently goes to Nima’s house while all are fighting outside. She tempers with the TV. Nima asks them to stop fighting. She calls Tulika and says where is she? Suresh goes to Tulika’s house but doesn’t find her there. Tulika is in Nima’s house and throws water at the TV so Sunita can’t watch it.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2022
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