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Nima Denzongpa 7th December 2021 Maaji says Babita wanted to tell the truth to Paras. Dinesh scolds Suman for not raising her well. Maaji tells Babita that if you tell everything to Paras then he won’t marry Mitali and your wedding will get canceled as well.

Nima tells Mania and Nari to use their brains and find some solution to this. Mania thinks about it.

Suman cries and tells Babita to stay out of it. It might be Paras’s stubbornness. Suresh calls her but she says I am stressed so I will talk to you later. She ends the call. Sia comes to Suresh and cries. Tulika hides and hears them. Sia says Nima wants to fight those goons, they might be dangerous. Tulika says thank God this Sia told this. Suresh asks Sia to calm down, I will manage something. He hugs her. Sia leaves. Sunita comes to Tulika and asks what are you up to? Tulika says nothing, I was just cleaning the house. Suresh thinks I have

Sia comes to her house and ignores Nima. All are tensed as time goes by. Sia comes to Nima and says we don’t have much time, take this seriously. Nima says we don’t have a choice, we have to fight the goons. Nari says she can’t arrange 1 lac and talking about arranging 5 lacs in a day, baba can’t do it as well. Nima says why did you take his name? Sia leaves from there.

Sia calls her manager and says it’s an urgent matter. He says I can’t arrange this loan on such short notice. Shiv hears it.

Sia comes to Suresh and asks if he arranged something? Suresh says I couldn’t but the God will find a way. If Nima’s plan fails then we have to prepare for another plan.

Nima tells Mania to make a full-proof plan. Nari says we have to do it in a different way. We will record the blackmailers when they are talking to Mania so we have proofs against them. Nima says what if they are wearing masks? Mania says we can do social media live so the public will support us. They won’t be able to attack me then. Nari says we will have proof that the video is fake.

Suresh is looking for money in the house. He finds Tulika’s jewelry but leaves it. Tulika comes there and asks what is he doing? Suresh says nothing. Sunita asks them to stop fighting. Tulika says that’s my jewelry but he was looking at them. Suresh says I never saved money, I need it today but I don’t have money. Sunita asks why is he crying? Suresh says you like to see me cry, this is my anger so don’t think I am weak. Tulika says you are confusing us, is there a problem? If you need help then we will help you. Suresh says I need 5 lacs which you can’t give so be silent.

Sia gets Shiv’s call and he says I can arrange some money if you want. Sia says no, thank you. I will tell you if I ned anything. Shiv says I will keep 1 lac ready for you if you need it. He ends the call and turns to see Kanchan standing there.

Suresh calls Paras and says I am in an emergency, I need 5 lacs. Paras says I don’t have control of money so I will need to talk to my father. Suresh says no, don’t ask him, he ends the call. Nima comes there and smiles at him, she goes from there. Suresh thinks how can she smile when she is in a trouble? She wants to take care of everything alone but I have to help her this time.

Suresh comes home and Tulika gives him all her jewelry, she says you need all this right? I don’t know why you need money but you can take it. Suresh shouts that I did a mistake by talking to you. Tulika says we are a couple, I can’t see you tensed so you can keep this jewelry. Suresh says I need 5 lacs in cash. Tulika asks what did you do? Tell me. Suresh says I can’t tell you, just leave me alone. She leaves.

Tulika calls her father and says I did acting in front of Suresh but he didn’t say anything. He says we don’t have much time left. Tulika says Suresh didn’t talk to me so I couldn’t say anything.

Mania hides the microphone under her shirt. Nima helps her. Mania hides her phone under her jacket. Nima asks her to take care, I will be behind you. Mania says I have my family with me, thank you for trusting me. Nima goes to get ready. Sia says I trust you Mania but not your plan.

Sunita asks Suresh to eat something but he says I am not hungry. Tulika says he won’t tell us why he is worried. Suresh thinks I don’t have much time left, he gets Mania’s video from the blackmailer. The message says we will release it to the world tonight. Suresh looks on.

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Telecast Date:7th December 2021
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