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Nima Denzongpa 6th May 2022 Krish didn’t see the picture. Virat and Nima come. Virat hugs them. Krish asks Khushi no why? Nima says Maniya was about to adopt Khushi because she’s an orphan. He asks orphan? Nima says kids whose parents are taken by God. But then Khushi’s mom came and took her.

She’s with her family like every kid should be. Virat says like our Krish is with us. Krish plays with them. Mona says imagine when he finds out he’s also an orphan. She calls her man and orders something.

Priyal says what a solid plan. I can’t wait. Light goes off. Nima says how did this happen? She asks Krish to sit there. She says hold bappa. Let me see the fuse.

Gulshan screams. Virat says you scared me. She says go look out what happened to our house. He goes out too. Virat tries to check the fuse. He says mummy let me see it. Nima comes. She says only our fuse is off.

Gulshan says Virat can’t figure out. He doesn’t know what to do. Nima laughs at him trying to fix the wires. He says my image will be ruined. Nima says let me do it. You hold the light. Nima gets on a stool and fixes it. She says done. He says good. Nima falls, Virat holds her. Virat says you handle everything so well.

Nima says it was always just me and my daughters. I had to learn everything. He says women like you are a pride to everyone. Gulshan says to Virat I knew my son could do anything. Virat says Nima fixed it. Gulshan says I need to sleep. She leaves.

Scene 2
The next morning, everyone is at the breakfast table. Krish comes. He sits with Nima. Nima makes him eat. A guy comes in with Priyal. She says Virat consensus team came. He asks about the family. He says whose child is this?

Virat says my son. The man says but you’re not married according to this record. Nima says he’s married to me. I am his wife. He says so you’re his mom? Nima says yes I am his mom. she asks Krish to finish his breakfast. Nima says show me your ID first. He’s confused. He says I forgot it.

Virat says you don’t have your own ID and you’re questioning us? He says let me go get it. He runs. Priyal says, weird man. He could be a thief too. Virat says this isn’t the right time for Krish to know the truth. Nima says he will get questions. He says we should take time. It’s his parent’s anniversary yesterday. nima says we will handle him don’t worry. I will take him out. Mona says tomorrow is the perfect chance.

Scene 3
Virat plays chess. He says such a stupid game. Nima says it’s just not easy. You’ve to use mind. Virat says I’ve a smart mind. Sia calls Nima and says can you come home? Nima says is everything okay?

Sia says I’ve called Maniya too. Bring Virat too? Nima says why? She hangs up. Nima tells Virat and says but you shouldn’t come. I don’t know how will she behave. He says you’re my family and so is she. It’s okay whatever she says. I will go. She’s called everyone. Virat says relax. Krish gives her water. He says Sia is your daughter. She can never do anything wrong. Smile now.

Nima, Virat and Maniya come home. Nima says where is Sia? Maniya says I don’t know. Nima says my heart is sinking. Virat says relax. Sia comes home. She’s wearing mangalsutra and sindur. She has married. Nima and Maniya are shocked. Nima says you got married?

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