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Nima Denzongpa 6th January 2022 Nima is consoling Sunita but Tulika laughs at her. Sunita looks on. Nima tells her daughters that we can’t control over what happens in life but we can control how to face it. Let’s start cleaning up.

Nima and her daughters cover their faces to start cleaning the mess. Sunita smiles and joins them. Nima takes care of her and asks her to sit down. Sunita says I work in my house.. I mean I used to work in my house.

Nima says that was before, we are here to take care of you. She makes her sit down and says we will do it. Sunita is touched seeing her care. Nima and her girls clean up the mess that Tulika created. Nari says what about the hole in the wall.

Sunita says I have an idea. She puts a curtain on the wall and puts a stool for Nima. Suresh comes there and puts a nail on the curtain. Suresh hugs Nima and Sunita, he taunts that we don’t have to look at Tulika’s face now.

Kanchan’s guy friend comes to his house. Shiv meets him and says you never told me about him. Kanchan says I didn’t get time to talk about him. Her friend says I don’t have anyone in Mumbai so I will live you both. Kanchan glares at him. He says Shiv won’t mind right? Shiv says you can live here, you are like her brother. He says Kanchan is lucky as Shiv is a good man.

Paras is sitting with Suman in the hospital. Mania sends him their photos. Dinesh calls Paras and asks how is Suman? He says she is waking up, he ends the call. Dinesh tells Maaji what if Suman tells everything to Paras? Maaji asks him to go to the hospital. He leaves. Ranisa hears them talking and says they have secrets.

Tulika dreams about Nima and Sunita drinking together. She wakes up and says now I am jealous of Ayi and Nima too.

Nima is sitting with Mania who sleeps in her lap. Suresh sits with Nima and says we can’t control everything. Nima says they have created a big problem. Suresh says don’t worry, everything will be fine. He puts a hand on her shoulder but his bracelet gets stuck in her hair. Tulika watches them through the window and falls down, the curtain slips and Suresh sees her spying on them.

Paras tells Suman that I am sorry, you slipped from the stairs because of me. Suman says but.. Dinesh comes there and says I am here, he asks Paras to go and eat something. Suman nods. Paras leaves. Dinesh smirks at Suman. He says whatever happened was an accident but if you talk about it then I can be jailed, it’s about Paras’ respect and our honor. Suman’s heart-rate goes up hearing him. The doctors come to check her. Paras comes back and asks what happened to her? Dinesh says she was saying that Paras shouldn’t be with Mania and then she fainted. Paras looks on.

Tulika meets her friends who ask her why did she shift her house? Tulika says I am living with Nima. We will break the wall then it will be a big house. Suresh comes there, she gets tensed. Her friends leave. Suresh smiles at Tulika and asks for tea.

She says sure. Suresh says your house is nice. He says you have made my life easier by coming to live here. I have an idea. Tulika says what? Suresh gives her a bag, she opens it to find his clothes. Suresh says you can keep anything from my luggage. Tulika says I can’t wear all this. Suresh says remember half of my wealth would be given to you after divorce so this is all I have, you can keep it all.

Tulika says what are you saying? Suresh says you can live anywhere you want but not in my heart, that’s why I want divorce from you. Tulika is shocked and says what? Suresh says don’t be stunned, you thought I would remain silent? Tulika says how can you leave me? Suresh says you have money and a good house. You can hire a good lawyer but I need divorce. Varun comes there and asks what happened? Suresh says talk to your Ayi. He leaves.

In the morning, Varun wakes up and sees Tulika awake. Tulika sees Suresh and Sia leaving for work together. Tulika goes to Sunita and says Suresh wants to divorce me, how can he? Sunita says you brought us on the road, sold our house so what else do you expect from him? Tulika says you have changed your party after living with this Nima? You should be ashamed to live in her house like a beggar.

Nima comes there and says you have cheap thinking, Ayi is living here as a family, her grand-daughters live here and how dare you come to my house? Get lost now. Tulika says behave yourself Momo. Nima glares at her and says take my name with respect, my name is Nima. Also you have to repair this wall, get lost. She takes Sunita from there. Tulika looks on.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2022
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