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Nima Denzongpa 4th July 2022 Sunita says who could do it from this house? Nima says I don’t know. Sunita says to talk to Virat. Nima says he acts as if nothing happened. Sunita says come to my place, your life is in danger.

Sunita says I can’t leave Virat alone. That person will try to harm us again. I will find out who did it. Don’t tell Sia or Maniya. I will keep my eyes and ears open. Maniya asks Sunita is Nima okay? Gulshan says to Sunita come let’s drink.

They all dance and celebrate. Nima sees a shadow outside the window. She tries to check but no one is there. Nima goes after her. She comes into a room that was dark. Maniya asks Virat where is aai? He says who aai?

Let’s dance. He dances with Sia and Maniya. Nima checks the room. She says no one is here. It’s Priyal in the room. She sees the mirror and brushes her hair. She looks outside.

Nima comes back to the party. Varun tries to talk to Chinkey but she ignores him. Paras says I am so tired. I didn’t dance this much on my own wedding. Alok says I am tired too. Virat says who will dance with me?

Priyal looks at him and says I will dance with you. Paras says to Virat we know you play guitar. Gulshan says yes play it, you took classes for it. Nima brings the guitar. She feels like someone was there. Nima asks Virat to play his favorite tune but he doesn’t remember it. Virat says let’s play it on speaker.

Sunita says he forgot it? Nima says I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Virat goes inside. He sees Priyal. She’s dancing. Priyal recalls how he kicked her out. Virat stops her. She says sorry Virat I. He says don’t say sorry. It’s okay. Wanna dance? Nima sees Virat with Priyal. Everyone is shocked. Nima drops the tray.

Virat asks what happened? Nima says what is she doing here? Virat what are you doing with her He says relax. I saw her in the corridor. She was standing there. Nima says she was in a mental asylum. Call the police.

He says why? She says did you forget what she did with us? She asks Maniya to call the police. Mona says don’t call the police. She didn’t flee. When I heard about Virat and Nima I brought her back to this house.

They thought they were dead so she won’t harm anyone. She kept her locked in the room. Mona says I told you to stay locked in that room. Alok slaps Mona. He says how dare you to do all this. Did you forget what she did with our family? Mona says I didn’t forget anything. What could I do? I raised her as my child.

Which parents can leave their kids in a mental asylum? We got Krish treated as well. I want to get her treated as well. She won’t go to a mental asylum. She will be treated. Nima you’re a mother too. Nima says she has become a danger to others. In that case, you’ve to be strict. She’s going to the hospital.

Priyal says I won’t go anywhere. Alok says she can harm anyone. She has to go back. Virat says she won’t go anywhere. Nima says what are you saying? He says life gave us another chance. Nima says she tried to kill us.

Have you forgotten everything? He says I didn’t. He says I want to move on. She was here, she didn’t harm anyone. Nima says you can’t be my Virat. Nima goes to her room. Virat asks Mona to take priyal to her room. Maniyasays this isn’t right. He says it’s my family matter. Everyone is shocked.

Scene 2
Maniya says something is wrong. Virat never behaved like this. Aai was crying and he didn’t care. He says we should trust Virat. He has always been there for her. He won’t hurt her. We should trust him. We also fought. She says this isn’t small. Something is wrong for sure.
Mona says to Priyal why did you come out of the room? No one wants you in this house. Priyal says Virat wants me in this house. See how he defended me. He went against Nima. Mona says that was shocking.

Priyal says he loves me. He realized it. Mona says it must be sympathy. Forget about him. She says everyone will see his love for me. Nima cries in her room. Virat comes and says why is the room dark? He sits with her and says don’t be mad. She says I am disappointed. Virat says I can’t see you like this.

She says how can you tolerate Priyal? She’s very dangerous. He says you are not trusting anyone. I am doing this for our better. Keep your enemy in front of youu. We’ve to trust each other. Do you trust me? She says yes.

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