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Nima Denzongpa 4th January 2022 Paras and Mania come to Nima’s house. Nima glares at Mania. Paras tells his family that I didn’t know about Mania’s family and she didn’t know about mine. This doesn’t change anything as I would have loved Mania the same even if I knew the truth. Maaji says what is wrong with you?

We came here to accept your wife but we can’t accept a servant’s daughter as our daughter-in-law. Has she cast some spell on you? If Ranisa finds out that she is a servant’s daughter then she won’t spare us, we will be insulted in society.

Ranisa, her guard and Bakay come to Nima’s society. Bakay says I don’t know the house number. Ranisa says we will find them, let’s look around. Bakay gets tired and says I can’t keep searching here. Ranisa says let’s keep looking.

Maaji tells Paras to come back home otherwise.. Paras says what else can you do? You have already thrown me out of the house. Nima says Maaji is right, you took an impulsive decision but you should go back now. Suresh asks Paras to go back to his family. Paras says I will leave from here if you want but I won’t go back to my family till they don’t fully accept Mania. Maaji says we will never accept her.

We are stubborn too. She says we will leave from here now, I feel suffocated here. Maaji starts leaving Nima’s house but Ranisa finds her. She says you thought you could fool me? Don’t forget you can’t win against me. I have caught you now. She asks if Paras’ wife lives here? Paras is taking your test. What’s your servant doing here? Maaji prays for Paras to not come out of the house.

Maaji tells Ranisa that we left you at home so you couldn’t come here. We brought Suresh and Nima here so they can help us in finding Paras. Maaji says let’s leave from here. Ranisa looks on. Maaji asks Nima and Suresh to come with them. They nod and leave. Ranisa says something is going on.

Sunita is calling Tulika and says I have to tell her everything. She strikes with Ranisa. Sunita asks her to get lost. Ranisa says I am a rich woman, I won’t spare you. Sunita says I am a big shot here, get lost. Ranisa’s guard says we will not spare you. Sunita’s friends come there to support her. Ranisa says we will leave now.

Suresh and Nima are in the car with Maaji and her family. Maaji asks him to stop the car. She tells them that we are respected in society and can’t be associated with the likes of you. Get down from the car. Nima and Suresh get down, Dinesh drives away. Nima cries silently.

Scene 2
Paras and Mania are waiting for Nima and Suresh. Sia says I will take an off from the office. Nima comes there and tells Sia that you can’t take an off. She asks her to go to the office and asks Nari to go to college. They nod and leave. Nima tells Paras and Mania that so much is happening and you both still eloped last night? it can’t work like this. Nima asks Paras to go back home.

Paras says they have thrown me out of the house. Nima says you have taken strict action, we have to think about what we can do. I have to talk to Suman. I will go with you. Mania says we have to be practical, she is right. Nima says I will go with Paras, we have to be very careful.

Sia is working in the bank. Kanchan comes there and says did you think about my advice? I have found many good guys for you, you can get married early. Shiv finds Kanchan there. Kanchan asks Sia to choose a guy. Sia gets angry and says what do you want?

Nima calls Suman and says please meet me once, Paras will be with me, Suman says okay meet me outside the house. She ends the call and turns to see Dinesh standing there.

Shiv asks Kanchan what is going on? Kanchan says I asked about her fiance and she got angry. Sia says I don’t have any fiance, it was all a lie. She leaves from there. Shiv is stunned.

Maaji scolds Suman and says you kept taking Paras’ side and now you are going to make a deal with Nima? Don’t forget Mania is her daughter and she is our servant. Babita says Mania is Nima’s daughter? Maaji says yes, it’s so shameful. Maaji tells Suman that you couldn’t raise your kids well.

Suman says I am very happy that my kids are not following me. I kept giving everything to this house but I lost myself. I am taking a stand for the first time in life because my heart says it’s the right thing. If I didn’t take a stand then Paras, Mania and Mitali’s lives would have been destroyed. Paras loves Mania a lot, I have lost my life but please let Paras live happily.

I am sorry for hurting you Maaji but I can’t apologize for taking care of Paras’ happiness. Maaji says this woman is selfish, she is not even thinking about Babita. She tells Babita that if your inlaws find out about Mania then they will break off the engagement. This Suman is a useless wife, daughter in law and a useless mother. Babita looks on.

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