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Nima Denzongpa 3rd September 2021 Suresh wears his shirt and comes to the lounge with Nima. Nima is setting her saree. Tulika and Sunita are stunned to see that as they think Suresh and Nima were being physical.

Tulika calls her brother and cries. She says I had to bear all this for one year and now that Nima is trying to lure Suresh again. Her brother asks her to be strong and attack Suresh in a way that he comes in your pocket. Tulika says but I am locked in this room. He says just do as I say. He gives her an idea.

In the morning, Sunita tells Tulika that your chicken pox are gone. Tulika says yours also. Nima brings food for them. Sunita asks her to go away.

Sunita calls Nima and asks her to make neem kadha for us. Nima says it will take time, what if Varun (Tulika’s son) wakes up? Tulika says I will keep an eye on him. Nima goes to work in the kitchen. Tulika silently comes down and silently opens the main door. She asks Nima’s daughters to go and hunt for the gifts. They leave. Tulika’s brother silently enters the house and takes Varun away. Tulika closes door and goes back to her room. Sia turns around and sees Varun gone.

Suresh comes home and calls his friends to look for Varun. Sunita cries and says my grandson is gone. Tulika cries, her brother says you should have not trust anyone. Suresh says how would Varun be gone? Tulika grabs Nima and says she must have done something with him. She was taking care of my son. Nima says I asked Sia to keep an eye on Varun. Suresh hugs Tulika and says to Nima how could you give the responsibility to a small child? Suresh goes to talk to the police.

Nima scolds her daughters and asks about Varun. She asks Sia. Sia says I don’t know. Suresh sadly comes home. The inspector brings Varun there. Everyone is happy. The inspector says someone had thrown the baby in the trashcan of the society. Tulika’s brother eyes the inspector so the inspector says we got a witness. The witness said he saw a Sikkim girl throwing the baby in the trashcan. The inspector leaves from there. Suresh glares at Nima. Nima shakes her head. Tulika is about to hit Nima but Suresh stops her. Tulika says this is enough. You have to choose between me and her. I am scared of her, she can hurt my boy. Sunita says she will kill us all. Tulika’s brother says this Nima can attack Tulika and her son anytime. Nima cries and tells Suresh that I didn’t do anything wrong, I am a mother so how could I do this with Varun? She tries to prove it but Varun is wrapped in Nima’s saree which Suresh gifted her. Nima says this can’t be my saree. She tries to look for her saree but it’s not in the house (Tulika hid it).

Suresh comes to his room and recalls all the incidents with Nima. How Nima kept trying to hurt his son. Nima tries to go to him but Sunita stops her. Nima cries and says I swear on you, I am your Nima. I can never do anything like this. Suresh asks her to leave, he is done. Sunita sends Nima from there.

Tulika asks Nima to take her daughters and get lost. Nima breakdowns and cries. She recalls her moments with Suresh. Her daughters hug her. Nima prays to Lord and sadly looks at the house. She grabs her items and tries to take Sunita’s blessings but Sunita moves away from her. Nima thinks how could Suresh ask me to just leave like this? Nima tries to take Suresh’s photo with her but Tulika doesn’t let her. Nima says I can understand why Suresh would take this decision.

Nima brings her daughters to a neighbor Sarla but it’s locked. Nima cries and says where will we go now? Sia says I am sorry. Tulika comes to her and says you should be ashamed of yourself. Get lost from our lives. It’s good we didn’t get you arrested so just get lost.

Nima is walking on the road with her daughters. Nima thinks maybe this is my test to make me stronger.

Sunita and Tulika are enjoying their night after getting drunk. Sunita says we are free from that ill-fated girl now. Tulika says I am Suresh’s only wife now. Sunita says Suresh will come back to his senses and try to look for that Nima again.
Suresh is sitting in an alley and drinks alcohol. He says I am hurt but this is not numbing my pain.

Nima calls her parents’ house. Her father takes the call. Nima cries and ends the call without saying anything. Nima says this is all my fault. No one remembers me there. I can’t drag them in this mess.

Sunita is sleeping. Suresh comes there drunk. She wakes up and asks what happened? Suresh asks where is Nima? I kept looking around for her. Sunita says she left the house with her daughters, you threw her out of the house. Suresh says I was angry so it was a mistake. Tulika says Nima said that she doesn’t want to stay here anymore. Suresh says I have 3 small daughters and I asked Nima to leave? I will go and look for her. Sunita says you are blinded by her. She was trying to hurt Varun so you won’t go behind her. Suresh says I will go and look for Nima. Suresh falls on the bed and sleeps.

Nima is sitting under a tree with her daughters when rain starts. Nima hugs her daughters.


Nima Denzongpa 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nima’s daughters are hungry so she asks everyone for work in the market. A man asks if she can make tea? She says yes. He gives his tea stall to her. Nima starts selling tea. Suresh is passingby that market in his boss’s car and thinks I wish I could find Nima.

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Telecast Date:3rd September 2021
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