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Nima Denzongpa 30th June 2022 Virat says you left me there Nima? I thought I will never see you again. Promise me you won’t leave me again? She says I promise, I will never go. I didn’t know you were alive. He says I didn’t know either.

Mona says thank God you’re both fine. Nima says why didn’t you look for me? Alok says we looked everywhere. The police said you didn’t survive. It’s a miracle that you’re both here. Nima asks Virat where is Krish?

Alok says he went to boarding school in Kerala. Nima says what? Alok says he didn’t want to stay here after you both left. Nima says but Virat came back. Virat says who would handle him. Nima is shocked at his words.

He says you know how stubborn is he. I thought he will be better there. Nima says bring him back now. He says okay, I will rest. He takes Nima to the room.

Nima says I feel so blessed. We’re together again. I thought we won’t have another chance. He’s busy in the movie. Nima says you never watched TV at this hour. He says let me watch the movie. It’s at the climax.

She says someone tried to kill us. He gets a call and says talk to me about business. Nima says you don’t look into the business yourself? He says I got a new chance at life, why waste it on work. Nima wonders what’s wrong with him. She looks at Virat sleeping later nd goes out. Nima comes to Krish’s room.

She says I miss you so much. Nima hears Gulshan crying. She says my back hurts. Nima says why didhn’t virat take you to hospital? He was so careful with you. Gulshan says he’s changed a lot. Nima looks for her balm.

She hears someone laughing in Mona’s room? Mona says Nima my room is fumigated. Don’t go there. NIma says I heard someone laughing. Chinkey leaves. Nima goes to Gulshan’s room. She asks Gulshan about the voices.

Gulshan says why didn’t she get my room fumigated then? I told her to get mine done too. Nima feels something is fishy. Nima comes outside the room where she heard noise from. Nima says who could it be? She tries to tell Virat but he’s asleep.

Scene 2
Virat says what is this bottle cap doing here? He throws it. Nima recalls he kept it because she gifted. Nima asks Mona who locked the room? She says I did because the room was fumigated. Virat isn’t going to office. Nima finds her behavior shady.

Gulshan says let’s arrange a pooja. Virat says no let’s do a party instead. Gulshan says to Nima Virat had a huge shock. Let him chill. Nima says but this is all not okay. Alok says he just wants to enjoy now. Invite your family too for the party.

Nima asks inspector about driver. He says we couldn’t find him yet.

Scene 3
Chineky meets Varun. He says it’s about time I tell you the truth. He says I was passing time. I don’t know when I started liking you so I kept lying. I am poor. If you wanna leave me, she slaps him and says I like you not your bank balance.

SHe hugs him. He says you’re not mad? She says you’ve to come to my house for a party today. He says I want to tell you another thing. She says let’s talk at the party.

Nima tries to get the room opened. Mona gets mad about it. She says there’s medicine inside. You will fall sick. Nima says I will be fine. I will wear this mask. Just give me key. Nima goes inside she’s shocked.

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Telecast Date:30th June 2022
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