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Nima Denzongpa 28th June 2022 Nima and Virat lock Priyal in the room. Alok says I’ve called mental asylum they will come tomorrow. Nima thanks God that he helped them again. She says Priyal has broken maniya totally.

How do I help her? Maniya says God has saved us. I don’t wanna be hasty now. I can be a mother on the right time. I won’t force it now. It’s not your fault. You fixed it. Virat says I am so proud of you Nima and I am very lucky. I will always be by your side. Sunita says God bless you. Gulshan says please forgive me Nima.

Nima says you were a mother. You did all that for your son. Mona says I am sorry too. Nima says it’s okay. Maniya brings the papers and says let’s burn them. Virat tears them apart and says I vow no one can part us now.

Gulshan says Nima is all ours with heart. Alok says I will sponsor your honeymoon. Virat says I know a place. Alok says prioritize your relationship. Leave tomorrow. Nima says but Priyal is here as well. Alok says she will be taken tomorrow. Nima says what about Krish? Krish says I will stay here with everyone, no issues. Nima says but where will we go? Virat says Sikin. Nima says what? That’s my hometown.

He says I wanna meet your mom dad there and eat momos with you there. Nima cries. She says I will meet them after years. Maniya says aai you should focus on yourself. We will meet our grandparents later.

Priyal wakes up and says Virat where are you? She sees herself in the mirror. She dances around. She says will Virat find me pretty? We will always be together. She laughs madly. Nima gets very excited.

She says I wouldn’t even sleep without seeing my dad’s face. But it’s been 24 years since I’ve not seen them. Will they accept and recognize me? He says don’t think of the future. Just focus on the first step. She says you’re right. I will go there. Thank you. Virat syas stop saying thank you. You should act like bossy wives.

Nima says I am going to sleep in Krish’s room. He says you can sleep in my room. You’re my wife now. Nima says he won’t sleep. He says he will sleep for the next five days too. He says what do you wanna say?

She says I can’t. He says I love you. Nima says I love you. Virat says close your eyes. Virat makes her wear a chunri and filles her hairline. Nima smiles and hugs him. She says thank you Virat ji. He says call me Virat only. Nima says okay. Nima falls on him. Nima gets up and leaves.

Scene 2
Virat and Nima get ready. Nima comes to Priyal’s room and says Priyal isn’t here. Priyal comes and says Virat let’s go. He asks the security to lock her. Virat says what was she doing outside? Alok says she wanted to use the bathroom. Virat says we can wait for another day. He says asylum people are coming in half an hour. You can leave, I will handle it.

Scene 3
Virat and Nima leave. Virat hugs Nima in the car. Varun says they must have reached by now. Sia says let me call aai. Maniya says I am so happy for aai. It’s like out of movies. Sunita says I am also very happy for her.

Sia calls Nima. Nima says we’re on the way to my home. Nima says I’ve to tell my parents so much. I am sure they will forgive me for seeing Virat. The driver gets a text. Nima asks him not to use the phone. He says my wife is in hospital.

Nima looks out and smiles. The driver gets a call. He says I don’t know what to do. Don’t worry I will handle it. We will stay for the tea. Nima says we won’t stay for tea. He says I am tired of driving. Virat says don’t take the stress. Let him have tea.

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