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Nima Denzongpa 28th July 2022 Alok says to Suresh let’s go. She’s dead. Tulika asks Suresh let’s go from here. It’s just a ring. Alok says I will get you another one. Suresh says I saw her hand. Tulika says have you lost it?

He says what if Nima is alive? Alok says you’re both with me in it. You can go to jail. Don’t stop. Alok sits in the car. Suresh stays back. Tulika says Mohan had to pee. Alok says where is he? Suresh comes back. He puts something in the car and says it’s not starting. Suresh says the car broke down. Alok says what do we do?

He says you both take the lift I will stay here. Tulika says how can you stay here alone? I will stay with you. Alok says why would I leave my wife with you? We will all go together from here. Another car comes. He tries to take the lift.

Alok brings Tulika and Suresh home. Tulika starts crying. He says stop this drama. Did you even know her? Move on. Life is precious. Mohan says you’re right. We will clean it. He goes to his room. Suresh says we have to go there and inform the police.

They try to sneak out but Alok stops them. He says running? Suresh says no cleaning it. He says both of you wont’ go away from my eyes. Where is Bindu? Tulika says he left this morning. He asks Tulika to sit with him.

Scene 2
The next morning, alok is asleep. Suresh and Tulika sneak out. Alok holds Tulika’s hand. She stays back. Suresh brings police to that place. He says Nima was here. There’s no body there. Suresh says I burried her mysself.

Inspector says are you drunk? There is no body here. He says Alok killed Nima. Inspector says alok Sethi is dead. Surehs says he’s lviing as Avinash Dhar. Inspector says don’t waste our time. There’s no body here, go from here. Suresh wonders where did Nima go? Alok says this closet was Bindu’s.

Didn’t he take everything from here? He sees a kurta and says why does he have this kurta? He was stealing your dresses? I felt like he liked you. Tulika says yes it’s mine. He asks where is Mohan? He looks around.

Alok asks where is Mohan? He suffocates her. Tulika says he must be around. Suresh comes and shoves him. He says don’t you dare to touch her. Alok takes out his gun. He says sorry I got mad. I went out to throw the trash. Alok says if I go to jail I will take you both with me.

Suresh tells Tulika how Nima wasn’t there. He says Nima ran away from there. I hope she’s okay. Tulika says what if alok burried her somewhere else? She says let’s run away from here. He doesn’t know our name. We have to find Nima too. Suresh says mix something inh his drink then we will leave.

Scene 3
A woman tries to look for a lift. Sunita prays for her. Sunita prays for her kids. Tulika comes and says Nima will never come back. she cries. Sunita says what? No.. My kids. She cries. Suresh tells her everything. He says he killed Nima but I will get her justice. Sunita says how did this happen. I wish I didn’t call her.

She came to meet me. Sunita cries. Tulika says we don’t know where her body is. Sunita says take me from this city. I don’t want to live here. They cry and come inside the house. A woman is there.. Tulika screams.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
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