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Nima Denzongpa 28th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 28th January 2022 Nima cries and tells Sunita that I don’t have the strength left to be strong. I couldn’t even attend my daughter’s wedding. Sunita hugs her and consoles her. Tulika makes fun of her and says I gifted fake jewelry to Mania.

Maaji calls some salon people to give a makeover to Mania. They take off her jewelry which Nima gave her and say these are all fake. Maaji says she is from a cheap family but we can’t take her to our guests like this. Mania is sad and goes to get changed. Sia calls Mania but Maaji takes the call and says she was poorly dressed so we are trying to get her changed.

Maaji goes to Dinesh and asks if everything is ready? He says yes. Paras is waiting for Mania and says I will go and check on her. Babita says you can’t meet her before marriage.

Sia tells Nima that Maaji said we gave fake jewelry to Mania. Nima says but we gave her real gold jewelry only. Tulika looks away. Nima says Mania is alone there, I have to do something.

Mania is trying to compose herself. Babita hugs her and says I am with you. Come with me.

Maaji calls Nima and says it was a mistake to tell you to get Mania ready. Nima says I will try to do something. Maaji says you are useless, we will get her ready, just stay away from this wedding. She ends the call.

Babita tells Mania that Paras wants to talk to you. He asked me to call you here. Babita turns to see Maaji standing there. Maaji asks what’s going on? Mania looks on.

Nima prays to God to make everything fine for Mania, she is alone there so help her.

Maaji asks Babita and Mania why are they roaming around in the house? She asks Mania to have some shame, Babita leaves from there. Maaji asks Mania to follow their rules. Mania says I just came to talk to him. Ranisa comes there and says Paras is not in the mandap. I think he ran away from his wedding again. Maaji and Mania are shocked.

Maaji talks to her family and says where did Pras go without telling anyone? Ranisa says what if you are behind all this so this marriage won’t happen? Maaji says why would I kidnap him? It’s insulting for me.

I think this Mania is behind him missing, she asks Mania what did she do with Paras? Where is he? Mania says I don’t know, why are you questioning me? Bakay says the police are here. Mania looks on. Maaji whispers to Dinesh that we will go as per the plan, bring Paras to me, find him and nobody should know that he is missing.

The media is outside the house. They are all waiting for Paras’ wedding. Maaji asks Mania to remain silent. The reporters ask about Mania’s family but Maaji says she is an orphan. Mania is stunned that she announced it to the world. The reporters take their photos and go away. Ranisa says seems like this marriage won’t happen. Paras comes there with Nima’s family and says the marriage will happen for sure.

Maaji glares at Nima. The flashback shows how Paras had heard Maaji telling Nima to not attend the wedding. He went to their house and tried to convince Nima. Nima told him that it would be against Maaji’s orders. Paras told her that this marriage can’t happen without them. He says I would handle my family so just come with him. The flashback ends. Ranisa thinks why did Paras come back with these people? Maaji asks Paras to come with her.

Maaji asks Paras how dare you go against my orders? Paras says you didn’t think about my happiness. How could you ask Mania’s family to not attend the wedding? Maaji says they are all emotional so I will allow them to attend the wedding. Nima thanks her. Maaji says I don’t want any drama so pretend like servants only. Nima nods. They all leave. Maaji asks Dinesh to follow as per the plan.


Nima Denzongpa 29th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranisa gives orders to Nima like a servant. Mania can’t see her getting insulted and says enough. She is my Ayi. Ranisa says you lied about your family? I won’t let you get married now. I will see who will come to save you. A new hero’s entry is shown.

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Telecast Date:28th January 2022
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