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Nima Denzongpa 27th May 2022 Sunita says never do it again Nima. Virat says let me take her to the room to rest. Sunita says we want to take her home. Virat says this is her home, I will take care of her. Nima says aai is right. Krish says maa don’t go.

Virat says no one has any problem. Please stay for Krish. Sunita says can I talk Nima? Sunita says to Nima Krish came back for you. Don’t leave him, he needs you. Sia says Virat cares for you so much. You should stay here.

Priyal drinks in anger. She says a maid took my place. Krish hugs Nima. He says love you. Nima says I love you too. Virat says in heart when will you love me. Krish says good night. He leaves.. Nima says why do I get so awkward in front of Virat.

They leave. Gulshan comes and says I am glad you’re okay but it’s not easy for me to see you back here. Virat acts like a kid but you remember what I said? Nima says I came here for Krish only and I came back for him only. I will leave when he feels better. Gulshan says promise? She says yes. Priyal hears and says Krish is the root cause of all of this.

Scene 2
Priyal comes to Krish’s room. He is asleep. Nima wakes up and says maa.. Priyal says to Krish why don’t you ever leave Virat. You came back from the hotel. Nima is between me and Virat because of you. I can’t tolerate you at all. She’s about to throttle him. Nima comes.. Krish hugs her. He says Priyal so much..

Nima says what is he saying? Priyal says you both have ruined my life. I can’t tolerate you both. Nima says I thought you changed. Priyal says I tried so hard to play nice and send him away but he came back. And because of him, you came back too. Virat came closer to you. Nimma says enough.

Virat comes there too. He says what’s happening? Priyal says Nima doesn’t want to forgive me. She kept me in this house to punish me. Gulshan says what’s happening? Priyal says Nima and Krish are saying so many things to kick me out. No one will believe me. Nima says enough. Priyal says stop lying. Nima plays her recording. Everyone is shocked. Priyal says it’s all lie Virat.

Virat how disgusting Priyal. Nima says enough Priyal. Thank God I recorded it or you would fool everyone. Priyal is about to slap her and says you are third-class maid. Virat holds her hand and says you’re third class. Nima is my wife. You can’t ruin someone’s life. You’re alone because of your own deeds. Get out of my house.

He drags Priyal out. Priyal says leave me, please. Where will I go? When did you become so heartless to me? Priyal says di do something where will I go? Mona says enough Priyal. I told you all we can’t trust her. No one listened to me.

Get out of this house. Priyal says to Gulshan and Alok I said it in anger. No one talks to her. Priyal says forgive me Nima. Give me another chance. Nima says you first harmed Maniya and now Krish. They’re my kids. I won’t forgive you now. If you’ve any self-respect left leave this house. Priyal throttles Nima. Nima shoves her and says I am not weak.

Scene 3
Maniya calls the agent and says she’s becoming our surrogate. She’s always partying and drinking. We’re paying fee for a normal healthy child. I want a simple girl. I don’t want a girl like Annu. Paras asks her to calm down. Paras says we’ve texted her so much. Modern girls don’t like it. She says I don’t want a girl like her. She says if you can’t support me don’t speak against me.

Nima says Virat isn’t letting me move. No one ever cared for me like this. Sunita says when you talk about Virat you glow up. your destiny is tied together. Gulshan comes and says wow. What a plan. Teaching her all this to trap my son? He can’t move ahead in life because of Nima. Nima says I promised you Virat and I will on the same terms we always were.

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