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Nima Denzongpa 27th June 2022 Nima and Varun come to society. Varun says the goons saw me there. Nima says I can go alone. Varun says I am your son. I won’t let you go alone. I have a plan. Virat asks Priyal where is Nima?

Priyal says you should worry about our wedding. Nima and Varun come into society with a veil. They ask kids if they’ve seen Bimla. The kid says her name is Moni. She lives there. Nima and Varun come to Moni’s house.

She’s shocked to see them. Nima says who is Bimla then? Sia asks Sunita where is Varun? She says I don’t know. He said he can’t come. Maniya says Nima asked us all to be there. Let’s go get ready.

Virat gets ready for the wedding. He asks Sunita where is Nima? Maniya says we didn’t speak to her since haldi. Virat says she’s not been home for 3 hours. I have to go look for her. Priyal says she will come back. Don’t worry, you can’t go anywhere. He says we have an hour, I will be back.

Priyal says Mahorat is right now. Pandit Ji says no it’s at 7. Priyal says start the wedding right now. Virat says are you crazy? She says Nima must be hurt. She will come back. Priyal says okay go. I will kill this child. She picks fire and says now you decide. Go out or sit here. She asks her man to take everyone’s phones and lock the gate.

Scene 2
Nima says to Varun I will be there before the mahorat. You know what to do right? She says Bimla this is your last chance to fix your mistake. Nima takes an auto. Virat and Priyal sit in the mandap. Virat waits for Nima.

Nima keeps calling Virat but he doesn’t have his phone. Nima asks the driver to hurry up. Virat and Priyal make each other wear garlans. Priyal stops Mona and says Maniya will tie my knot. Nima reaches outside.

She runs towards the house. Priyal and Virat start the rounds. Nima comes in and says stop it. Your game is over Priyal. Priyal says I will stab myself. Nima says do it. Come on. Do it. Priyal says Virat Nima has lost it. We are married, right? Pandit Ji says no. Priyal says let’s complete the rounds. Virat says no.

He says if Nima can fight with you how can I give up. Nima says stab yourself we’re all waiting. Nima says take this vase. Stab yourself come on. We don’t want this child. Priyal says why would I stab myself? I don’t have any children. Everyone is shocked. Nima says you’re pregnant right? Priyal says yes I am pregnant.

Nima slaps her. Priyal says she’s pregnant. Nima says she was never pregnant. She lied. Surrogacy wasn’t successful. The proof is here.

The doctor and Bimla come. the doctor says Priyal paid us to make fake reports. Bimla says she paid me too and I agreed. Virat says to Priyal where are you going? Shame on you. Priyal says why are you after my life. Priyal says I will do it for Virat again. Nima says enough. Stop trying to harm my kids and my husband. I am part of this family now.

Virat says I am with Nima. Gulshan says me too. They all stand with Nima. Priyal laughs and cries. She says I wanna go to mummy. Mona says what’s this drama. They’re dead. Priyal laughs. Alok says she’s lost it. Nima says she’s such a drama.

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Telecast Date:27th June 2022
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