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Nima Denzongpa 27th July 2022 Nima sees the video. She says well done Tulika. Thank you for this. Tulika says show this to the police and get your Virat back.Nima prays and says thank God you have given us justice. I wanted to pray today.

Alok comes and says who are you. Nima says it’s me Bindu. Alok says make tea for me. She wears her beard. Alok says where is your madam? She says Jiji madam was in the washroom. Nima calls Sunita and says don’t worry. Nima says we will go to the police station and show them the video.

Sunita says how is Tulu? Nima says she’s making food for Alok. Alok says to Tulika what happened last night? My head hurts. She giggles and says you don’t remember anything? I feel shy. You were saying in the dream Alok Virat.. He says might be a bad dream. He says do you have a sister? She says no.

He says I might have seen a dream. Tulika gets a call. Her phone falls in the oil. Tulika shouts what did you do. Tulika cries and says you ruined my phone. He says I will get you another phone.

Scene 2
Tulika cries she says we lost the proof. Suresh says why did you take it to the kitchen? She says I am an idiot. Suresh says let me try to get that phone fixed. Tulika says I will also come with you. Suresh says we all should go.

Sunita calls Nima and says what? We are coming there. Nima says aai fell. We should go there. Suresh and Tulika leave first. Nima opens the door to leave.. Alok comes in. He says wow, I can’t believe Nima is standing in front of me? Nima Sethi. Nima says to stay away from me. He says you came here.

How did you find me? Nima says how low will you stoop? You faked your own death. You didn’t even care about your wife and daughter? He says yes I didn’t. Who will save you from me now? He points the gun at her and says who can save you this time? Not your husband, no one. You will pay for interfering in my matters. You have become a hurdle for me. I have to kill you. He says tell me your last wish.

Suresh and Tulika come downstairs. Tulika says Alok’s car is here. Suresh says Nima was upstairs. Nima throws a vase on Alok and his gun falls. Nima slips too. Alok tries to pick up his gun. Nima stops him.. He shoves her. Her head hits the shelf. Nima faints. HEr head bleeds. Tulika and Suresh come.

Tulika sees blood and screams. Alok says Jiji I didn’t do anything. She was tiring to kill me. Suresh says you kill her. Alok puts a gun on Suresh and says it was a mistake. You both have to help me move her body aside or I will kill you both too. Tulika says we will help you. They take her body outside.

Scene 3
Alok, Tulika, and Suresh bring Nima’s body to the graveyard. Alok says dig her grave and bury her fast. We don’t have time. Nima is alive she’s pretending. Alok says to put her in. He says hurry up. Jiji says we’re trying.

They put Nima in the grave. Tulika cries. Alok says to fill it. They both put sand on it. Alok says let’s go. He leaves. They leave. Nima takes her hand out. Suresh says I saw Nima’s hand. She says what are you saying? Let’s go. Alok puts a gun on him and says what are you doing?

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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