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Nima Denzongpa 26th October 2021 Sia, Mania and Nari win the dance competition. All clap for them. The host says let’s have fun. Varun is grumpy seeing them. Mania asks Nima to dance with them. Sarla drags her. Sunita drinks alcohol and asks Suresh to dance. Nima is dancing with her daughters. Suresh dances also.

Tulika arrives at the festival and looks around for Suresh. Nima turns and smiles at Suresh. Suresh finds a gold necklace on the floor and thinks if it’s Nima’s? He shows it to her but she is confused. Tulika sees Suresh and Nima standing beside each other and is shocked. She turns off the music. Suresh and others are stunned to see her. Tulika screams why are you giving my necklace to Nima? Varun is stunned to realize he dropped the necklace from his pocket.

Paras, Mitali, Babita and her fiance are sitting together. Paras tries to have a conversation with Mitali. Paras tries to talk about his business idea but Mitali doesn’t seem interested. Paras recalls his meeting with Mania and smiles. He thinks I am here with Mitali but even then Mania’s thoughts are making me happy.

Suresh asks Tulika what happened? Tulika shouts what is going on? You asked me to come back, you messaged me so I would see this? Suresh says when did I message you? Tulika shows him the message which was sent by Suresh and it says that he is missing her so she should come back. Suresh says I didn’t send this message. Tulika asks why were you giving my necklace to her? Suresh says how did your necklace come here? Varun says maybe someone else has the same necklace.

Tulika says my father gifted me this necklace and he was giving it to Nima. She tells everyone to see what he is up to. She shouts at Nima to stop doing her cheap antics. Nima says enough Tulika. Stay within your limits, we are not weak. Stop alleging others before knowing the truth. Suresh says you are mistaken Tulika. Tulika says I can see everything clearly, this Nima wanted my jewelry. Sarla tries to answer her back but Nima tells Tulika that nobody wants to talk to her because you are so insulting. Who are you to shout at me? I never lie because I always tell the truth. Nothing happened between Suresh and me since I left the house. She tells sorry to everyone for destroying the festive environment. Nima glares at Suresh and leaves with her daughters.

Paras sits with his friend. His friend asks why does he look sad? Paras says my family has selected Mitali for me so it’s fine. His friend says I know you are thinking something. Paras says I tried to talk to Mitali but there was nothing to talk about. Otherside.. he looks at Mania’s bracelet. His friend says to give some time to Mitali to open up to you.

Tulika is throwing things around in the house and tells Suresh to stop playing games with her, he can’t keep being with Nima. You begged me to come back and then show all this to me? Suresh says I never messaged you. Tulika says show me your phone. Suresh is stunned to find the message on his phone. He recalls how Sunita had his phone. He glares at her. Tulika says you have made fun of me. Suresh says everyone is having fun on diwali but you just want to fight. We had peace in the house when you were not here. Tulika says you called me back so I am not leaving.

Suresh says you know I didn’t send that message, I don’t care. He asks Sunita why did you message her? He tells her that I will not sleep in my room. He asks Sunita to go and sleep with Tulika. Tulika calls her father and says just keep doing what I asked you to do. Sunita comes to her and says I messaged from Suresh’s phone so you would be back. I am so happy to see you here. Tulika says you don’t look happy. You didn’t even call me once. Sunita says I care about you that’s why I messaged you and went against my son. Tulika says I had hopes from you, you have hurt me when you forgot me. You broke our team. I did a mistake by trusting you.

Mania says this Tulika is so cheap. Nari says she should have been slapped. Sarla says Nima never gets angry. Nima says I feel pity for Tulika, she took everything from me but now she is scared of losing it all. I have everything in life because I have my daughters with me so why would I get angry on anything? Her daughters smile.

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