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Nima Denzongpa 26th July 2022 Tulika says we’ve to wake up Suresh before Alok wakes up. Nima tries to wake up Suresh. He moves towards Alok. Alok is about to look back.. Tulika comes from the other side and says good morning.

Green tea for my husband. He says I felt like someone was on bed. She says it must be my perfume. Tulika says let’s go have green tea outside. She says let’s go. She takes him out of the room. Nima sees the photos she says none of them are clean. Suresh says he was after my life. I slept too. Nima says don’t say that.

Tulika says I will take his photo. Tulika says let’s take selfie. Alok says I told you not to take my photo or video I don’t like it. He takes her phone. Nima takes the phone from his hand. Alok says how dare you.. Nima says you can’t talk to Jiji madam like that. Alok says to Tulika what are they doing in my house?

Tulika says they’re like my family. She starts crying and says I wanted to show that photo to my friends and family. He says we will get a proper photoshoot done. Don’t worry. Tulika says let’s go to my Kaka’s place. He says why? Nima says you shouldn’t go out. Kaka can kill you. Alok says go to the temple too so we can have our wedding night.

Scene 2
Nima says we are unable to get a single photo so far and we’re so deep into this mess. I have gotten you both into trouble. Tulika says I can handle it you’re all with me. Tulika says that Alok always gets lucky. Nima says I have to tell Virat too he can come home. Nima gets a call. She says what? Financial fraud?

He says yes Virat’s company has done 6 frauds in 6 days. Nima says Virat isn’t home nor work. He says there is Virat’s signature on everything. He will get arrested for fraud. Nima says how is that possible. Nima says what’s happening. She panics, and Sunita says don’t worry. Suresh says we have to catch Alok red-handed. Nima says we have to make him say all the truth. Tulika says I have an idea.

Scene 3
Alok comes home. The lights are off. Tulika says Avi darling come in. I asked Bindu and Mohan to leave as well. I got the temple’s blessings as well. She gives him a drink and says let’s celebrate. She says to drink the whole glass, you are so boring. Tulika keeps making him drink more. Alok gets drunk.

She says tell me things that no one knows. He says you tell me first. Tulika says there’s a huge thing, you might consider me bad after hearing it. You are so good. He says you don’t know how bad am I. Tell me. She says I am not the only child of my parents. I had a sister too, a twin. I hated her. She got all the attention.

She used to act very nice. When we were 15 I saw her falling from the roof, I saw her but I didn’t save her. I could but I didn’t and I don’t regret it. Why was she even born? She took all my attention and everything I deserved. The time I spent with her was the worst 15 years of my life. Alok looks at her.

Tulika says see you’re judging me. You think I am a bad person. He says I love you even more now. She says really? He says you will understand me now better. I had a similar story. Tulika asks what happened?

Alok says have you heard of Sethi industries? Tulika says you mean Virat Sethi? He’s so handsome and successful. The only owner of the Sethi empire. Alok throws a glass in anger and says don’t take her name.

Virat isn’t the owner of the Sethi empire. He has another elder brother too which is me. I am Sethi family’s first child. First heir, Alok Sethi. Nima says that Alok Sethi died, and Virat’s brother died. Alok says he isn’t dead. He is alive in front of me. I only pretended my death. Tulika says why? He says you didn’t save your sister. This was the only way for me to get everything back. I own Sethi Industries, I am a billionaire.

I took billions on loan in the name of Virat. He can’t even come back. I ruined Virat Sethi. Tulika is recording it. Tulika says you pretended your own death and blamed it all on Virat? He says yes. Alok holds her hand and says let’s have fun now. Nima hits him in the head. He faints.

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