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Nima Denzongpa 24th May 2022 Sia says aai you’re perfect. They’re going for the loan. Nima says God you’ve always blessed us. Please show me my path. Krish looks at Ganpati and cries. Sunita says you have given me new hope.

God will always keep you happy. Nima’s phone rings. Sia says let’s go. Nima picks the call. Krish cries and says maa.. Take me home, please. He cries. Nima says what happened? Krish.. Sunita says let’s go. Krish cries and says maa please come. Sunita says Nima will become a businesswoman.

Virat is on his way to his flight. He says I am focusing on work onlhy. Alok says your phone is ringing. Virat says cut the call. Alok says it’s Nima. Virat picks the call. Nima says I had something important.. He says our relationship was for work only? You can tell me. She says yes I am Krish’s nanny and he called me.

He was crying a lot. He wants to come back home. Virat says he didn’t call me? Nima says pick him. He says if he called you you will have to come with me. I will pay you. Nima says really? I will come for Krish only. He says yeah sure. Nima tells Sunita she needs to get Krish set up. Sunita says we can do it anyday. Sunita says this is God’s direction. Nima says I am going for Krish only.

Scene 2
Virat waits for Nima. Nima comes to him. She sits in his car. A woman says Nima.. nice car. I thought your husband left you like Suresh. Virat says Suresh was an idiot, I am not an idiot. I will never leave her. She can come here for as long as she wants. Alok tells at home that Krish is coming back. Mona says Nima will come back too? Gulshan says I dont’ know anything. Mona says couldn’t you go to with them Alok?

Nima says to Virat why did you have to say those things in front of those women? They were right. We are separate. He says still married and you’re scolding me? She says better play music than talking to you. He says I would listen to this rubbish song than to hear your things.

Scene 3
Maniya and Paras meet a girl. She says I want to move to Cananda. The money I will get from you I will use it to move there.

Maniya says thank you for agreeing. Nima falls asleep. Virat looks at her and smiles. Nima wakes up and smiles as well. Virat imagines kissing her. Nima gets out of the car. Virat comes close to her. Nima says look in front.. He’s about to crash his car. She says where were you lost? He says you fell asleep too. The car breaks.

Priyal calls Krish and says no one cares about you. Why did you call Nima? He says you’re a liar. He hangs up. Priyal says he called me a liar. Mona says this matter is getting out of hand. I have only one option. Virat and Nima stop at a dhaba. Nima calls Krish’s teacher and tells her their car broke. Nima and Virat wait for the mechanic. They eat food. Virat coughs. Nima gives him water.

He says thank you. Nima falls. Virat holds her. Virat gives car keys to Nima and says sit in the car and lock it. I will get the mechanic. Nima sits in the car and locks it. Some goons see her. It gets late. The goon comes out of the car. Virat is on his way with mechanic. Nima isn’t in the car. Virat looks around for her. The mechanic says open the car. Virat looks for Nima everywhere.

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Telecast Date:24th May 2022
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