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Nima Denzongpa 24th June 2022 Nima says to Virat my parents were so nice. I thought I will never meet anyone as nice but I did. It’s you. He says there’s something between us. The way we got connected, was nature.

Priyal tried to do so much. Priyal comes and says what is she doing in your room? Nima says I came to give this shirt. Priyal says it’s our wedding tomorrow. I won’t tolerate anyone in his room now.

Virat says stop it Priyal. Priyal says she won’t sleep in Krish’s room. He will sleep alone. Priyal says she’s only here till our wedding. Virat says you can’t force me to love you. Priyal hugs him and says you only love me.

Priyal says to Nima to sleep on the floor. That’s where you used to sleep. Nima says it doesn’t make me small if I sleep on the floor. She sleeps on the floor.

Nima wakes up the next morning. Krish is sleeping next to her. Niima asks what is he doing there? He says I was looking for you. Nima says my back was hurting so I slept here. Nima says I want you to be independent. Krish says but promises you will always be with me. Nima says promise. She hugs him.

Scene 2
Priyal gets the house decorated. She says I rented a few guests. Go and dress up now. Mona says how are you talking to mummy Ji.. She says I am talking to both of you. Go and get ready for my haldi. She says where’s Nima? Nima gets the Haldi ready. Ramo mixes spices in it by mistake. Priyal takes the Haldi from there.

Virat comes. Nima looks at him. Nima brings haldi for Virat and says Kesar doesn’t suit him so hiss haldi would be separate. Priyal says a good maid knows about her master. Now apply haldi to him. Nima applies Haldi on his face.

Priyal says to go now. Apply Haldi on my face. Nima applies Haldi on her face. Priyal starts screaming. She says to bring water. My face is burning. Everyone is shocked. Nima throws water on her face. Priyal’s face is burned. Nima says don’t do this drama. What did you mix in this haldi? Nima says I did nothing.

Priyal says she tried to ruin my faace. No, I will ruin hr face. Now I will apply this haldi to your face. Virat says are you crazy? Priyal says if she’s innocent she shouldn’t have a problem with this haldi. She spits in the haldi.

Priyal is about to apply the Haldi on Nima’s face. Virat stops her. He breaks the bowl. Priyal says why did you do this? He says don’t even dare to touch Nima. She didn’t do anything. Rao comes and says I was making a basin for pakora.

You took it. I mixed spices in it. Krish laughs. Nima says you think of that way for everyone. Priyal says go and get ready for the wedding. I want everyone here.

Nima says to Priyal sorry. She shows her broken necklace. She says it fell and broke. Get it fixed. Priyal says are you blind? Go and get it fixed now. I don’t care about anything. Nima says okay. Priyal says don’t act smart with me.

Nima leaves. Virat asks where are you going? She says to get Priyal’s anklet fixed. He says I will come too. Nima says I will be back. DOn’t worry I will fix everything. Nima says I can’t tell anyone.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2022
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