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Nima Denzongpa 24th January 2022 Mania is waiting for Sia and Nari to arrive. Maaji asks her to just do the engagement. Mania turns to see Sia, Nari and Sunita coming there.

Bakay catches Tulika and Varun outside the house. He says I will take you to Maaji. Nima comes there and says let them be. Bakay says she is Suresh’s wife, I will take her to Maaji. He drags them inside.

Maaji tells Sia and Nari to leave, I don’t want you people to mingle with us. Sia says we will pretend like Mania’s friends. Ranisa comes there and asks what’s going on? Bakay brings Tulika and Varun there. He says they were roaming outside the house. Bakay says did you recognize them? Maaji says I don’t.

Ranisa asks who are these people? Tulika says I will tell you all. Suresh gets tense. Tulika says we are here to dance and mehndi sellers. Ranisa says then don’t give them too much importance. Sunita recalls how she had met Ranisa in society, she covers her face to avoid her. Ranisa stops her and asks her to take off her veil.

Sunita steps on her foot to avoid her, she says my face is disfigured so let me be please. Maaji says let’s start the engagement, only family people will be on the stage. Nima is hurt to hear that.

Mayank grabs Kanchan and says why did you flip on me? I would have taken you away. Kanchan says I don’t want to come back to you, Shiv loves and accepts me for who I am. Mayank says fine, just remember that I will do everything because of you now.

Maaji and her family stand on the stage. Mania prays that I wish her family would come on the stage also. Ranisa’s foot is hurt, she calls Nima and asks her to take her on the stage. She calls Sia, Nari and Sunita to help her also.

She asks Suresh to put a chair on the stage for her. Mania smiles seeing her family joining her on the stage. Maaji is angry but doesn’t say anything. Nima silently gives the ring she bought for Paras to Suresh so he can pass it to him. Ranisa stops him and asks Suresh what’s he holding? Suresh shows a ring.

Ranisa says why were you giving it to Paras? Paras says it’s my ring, I lost it before. This ring is important for me. He asks Mania to make him wear both the rings as this is his lucky ring. Mania smiles and makes him wear Nima’s ring and then Maaji’s ring. All clap for them. Maaji and Suman bless them.

Dinesh blesses them also. Paras and Mania silently touch Nima-Suresh’s feet also. Nima smiles. Maaji says let’s take family photos. Ranisa asks Nima to help her stand up. They all take a family photo and Nima’s family joins them. Maaji says let’s start the sangeet function.

Tulika and Varun are enjoying food at the party. Tulika tries to take photos in the function so she can show them off to her friends. Suresh drags them from there.

Mania is getting mehndi applied. Sia and Nari stay away from her and smile.

Nima is silently crying in a corner. Suman goes to her and consoles her. She applies mehndi on her.

Suresh scolds Tulika and Varun for coming here. Tulika says we came here to become part of Mania’s celebrations. I even lied to Maaji to save you all. Suresh asks her to leave. A woman comes to her and says they are calling you to apply mehndi to guests. Tulika goes in.

Babita goes on the stage and says we will call random people to dance with us. Maaji says what is Babita doing? Babita dances with Paras and Mania. She calls Suman and Maaji to dance with them. They all dance.

Babita calls Ranisa so Nima-Suresh bring her up. Mania dances with Nima who gets emotional seeing her. She goes to the back. Babita calls Sia and Nari on the stage. They all dance together. Nima smiles seeing them. Nima cries seeing Mania. Ranisa notices it and thinks why are they getting emotional for each other? I have to find out what’s going on.

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Telecast Date:24th January 2022
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