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Nima Denzongpa 23rd September 2021 Varun is sitting with his friends in society. Nima comes back with Sia and Mania. Varun taunts that they are walking? Where is your scooter that you were bragging about? Mania glares at him. He asks where is your bike? Mania is about to beat him but Nima stops her. Mania says let me answer him. Nima says enough, you have done a lot today so let me be. She goes to her house.

Mania tells Sia that I did a mistake but she is always strict with me. Nari says you always do against what she expects. Mania says she is always angry with me. Sia says when we lost you in childhood, Ayi was so worried, she didn’t even eat anything till she found you, never doubt her love for you. Mania says what will I do now? We have to solve this issue. Varun is making fun of them. Nari says he seems fishy. Mania says you are right. Sia says we can’t doubt him like this. Nari says Sunita was taunting us in the morning like she knew where the scooter is. Sia says what will we do to find out? Mania says I have an idea.

in the morning, Nima asks Sia to give her documents for the job. Sia asks her to relax and eat something. Nima says Nari is busy in studies but where is Mania? She never studies. Mania comes there. Nima asks how did you get up early today? Mania says I want to be disciplined. Nima tells them that Sarla is getting us a loan from her boss, we will have to pay some amount every month so it will be difficult for some months but we will be fine. Mania says don’t take the loan. Nima says like you will find the scooter. Mania says I talked to the inspector, he has found some scooters so we will go and check. Sia says she is right, we have time till tomorrow. Nima says okay, I will wait till tomorrow. I just wish we are able to find the scooter. Mania looks on.

Nari comes out of the house with Mania. They come near Varun. Mania says the police will find the scooter and the criminal will get jailed. Varun gets scared hearing that. Nari says how will they look for the criminal? Mania says we will tell them whom we doubt and then they will catch him.

Babita is getting ready for her marriage proposal. Nima helps her in getting ready. Nima asks how are her studies going on? Babita says no one cares about that here, they just want every girl to get married as soon as she turns 18. I am still lucky that Nakul has come from abroad. My brother Paras is studying abroad right now but when he comes back then they will get him married to a rich girl. She asks Nima when will she get her daughters married? Nima says no, they have to become independent first, most important thing is to get an education and independence for my daughters. Babita says your daughters are lucky to get a mother like you. Nima says my daughters think the same.

Sia comes to the bank. She meets her senior. He says we will need your ID. Sia says I don’t have it right now. He says I can’t give you an offer letter without that, it’s not a senior position so they will hire a replacement if you don’t bring it. Sia says just give me some time. He says no, we can’t wait anymore, you can leave. Sia starts leaving sadly but a bank worker comes to the senior and asks him to adjust a little bit. He says I can’t. The worker says I will take the responsibility for her so please do it. He says fine and gives 2 days Sia to bring her ID. Sia thanks him. She goes to the worker and says I can’t thank you enough, this job is important for me. He says we should help others, just submit your ID soon. Sia says I will. He says I am Shiv. Sia introduces herself. He smiles and shakes her hand.

Varun sees Mania and Nari talking to a policeman. He gets scared and says they must be showing my photo to them. What will I do now? I should talk to my mother.

Varun tells Sunita and Tulika about the police. He says I don’t want to be jailed. Tulika says don’t cry. Varun says they are advance now, they will find our fingerprints on the scooter and put us behind the bars. Tulika says just go and clean the scooter, there will be no fingerprints then. Varun says fine. Tulika says your dad will come back tomorrow so don’t say anything.

Mania tells Nima that we couldn’t find the scooter today but it will be found tomorrow for sure. Nima says don’t do something stupid again. I will get a loan and end this. Sia asks her to wait till tomorrow. Nari sees Varun leaving the house silently. She hints at Mania. Nari says I will go for a walk with Mania. Sia says best of luck. Nima says why? Mania asks Sia to come for the walk also. Three of them leave.

Varun comes to the godown where the scooter is hidden. Mania, Sia and Nari follow him. Mania makes his video while Varun is cleaning the scooter. He leaves from there. Mania and Sia check the scooter. Varun comes back and takes the cloth with him. He leaves. Sia says it’s good we got it back, let’s clean it. Mania says we should punish him for all this. He has to say sorry now. Mania calls the inspector and asks him to meet her in the morning.

In the morning, the doorbell rings. Tulika doesn’t want to get up but the man says we are police. Tulika and Sunita get scared. Tulika says I have to open the door.

Nima is getting water with Nari from the tank. Nima asks her to study well.

Tulika opens the door to see the inspector standing there. He comes inside and asks Varun to wake up. He says you want to steal? Tulika says he didn’t do anything. The inspector brings Varun outside the house. Varun says I didn’t steal any scooter. Nima and Nari hear that. Nari calls Mania and asks her to come outside. Mania and Sia come out as well. The inspector asks Varun to speak up. Varun cries and says I didn’t do anything. The inspector tells Mania that he is the thief. Nima looks on.

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