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Nima Denzongpa 22nd September 2021 Tulika, Varun and Sunita stealthily come out of the house at night. They try to hide from everyone. Tulika asks them to be silent. I will keep an eye on Nima’s house while Varun will take away their scooter.

The showroom’s boss tells his salesman how could you let that girl go away with the scooter without taking payment? He says I have their IDs. The boss says I want my money or scooter back by tomorrow otherwise I won’t spare you. The salesman leaves.

Tulika is stealing Mania’s scooter. The salesman enters their society to look for Mania.

Mania is sadly sitting in a corner. Nari brings the cake that Mania made for Nima. She tells Nima that Mania made it for you with love. Mania goes to open the window. Tulika is standing outside and her finger gets stuck in the window. Tulika hides from them. Nima closes the window. Varun is trying to start the scooter but it’s locked. Tulika says let’s pick it up and take it away. They take the scooter from there.

Mania and Nima say sorry to each other. Nima says thank you for the cake but not for the scooter. Mania says I will return it tomorrow but don’t be angry. Nima says let’s eat the cake. Nima tries to cut her cake but it’s rock solid. Nima laughs. The salesman comes to their house and asks her to give the scooter back to him.

Mani says we want to return it. The salesman asks where is the scooter? Mania and others are shocked to see the scooter gone. Nima says what if someone stole it? The salesman says I shouldn’t have trusted you both, I would go to jail now but I will take you both with me. I have your IDs so I will file a complaint. Mania asks him to calm down, give me time till tomorrow and we will find it. The salesman says okay but I won’t wait after that, he leaves. Nima looks on.

Tulika and Sunita hide the scooter in a godown. Varun says what will happen with it? Tulika says we have to hide it as trash so nobody can find it. They throw trash around it to hide it.

Mania tells sorry to Nima and says it’s all my fault. Sarla says Nima has worked 20 years hard to make you 3 become independent but you people spent 20K like it’s nothing. Nima says let it be, we don’t have that much money right now. I will find a way. Sia says I can ask on my job. Nima says no, it’s new so don’t bother them. Mania says I will go to the police to find it. Nima says I will ask my madam for a loan but she is difficult.

In the morning, Sunita sees Nima and Nari leaving the house. She taunts them about the scooter. Tulika stops her and says don’t talk about the scooter, they can’t doubt us.

Nima comes to Suman’s house to work as a maid. Suman tells her that a groom’s family is coming tomorrow to see Babita, I want to make something very delicious. What can I make? Nima says Babita is still studying. Suman says she doesn’t need to study once she gets married. What should we make? Nima says I wanted to talk about something. Maaji screams Nima to bring tea. Nima brings tea for Maaji. Maaji says a driver took advance payment from me and ran away. I won’t give advance payment to any servant now. Nima looks on. Maaji says if anyone has an issue then they can leave the house. Nima looks on.

Mania talks to a policeman. Sia asks what happened? Mania says the police can’t help us as the scooter was not in our name. We have to look for it ourselves. Sia says let’s find it then. They look around for the scooter. Sia gets a call from her boss and says sure. She ends the call and tells Mania that they are asking for my documents to finalize the job, that salesman has our IDs so I can’t submit it at the bank. Mania says if you lose this job then Ayi will kill me.

Sia and Mania come to the showroom. The boss says they might be here to return the scooter. The salesman comes to them. Mania says we are from a good family and this happened for the first time. The boss says I am not a good man so give my money back. Sia says please give us one month’s time, can you please give me my ID? Mania says you can keep mine till then. The boss says I won’t give you anything, I can send goons or police to get money from you both. Get lost now.

Nima comes there and says stop. She says it’s a big amount for us so I am requesting you, I can even beg you. I have worked as a maid for 20 years and couldn’t save any money. I spent everything on my kids’ education, give me some time and we will return your money. The boss says I don’t spare anyone but my mother gave her everything to me so I want to trust you. I am giving you 2 days to either return the scooter or my money. Nima says okay.

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