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Nima Denzongpa 22nd October 2021 Mania is coming to Paras’ office and strikes with him mistakenly. They both say sorry to each other and smile. Mania says if it was a TV serial then we would have stared in each other’s eyes for 4 minutes but I am a practical woman. Paras says me too. She starts leaving. Paras says you look nice today.

Mania says what? Paras says I mean your shoot was nice. Paras says I am going home so I can drop you. Mania says fine. Paras’ friend comes there and says we have an urgent meeting. Paras apologizes to Mania. She says don’t worry, I will go home myself, she leaves. Paras smiles so his friend asks him to think about his fiance also. Paras looks on.

Tulika is leaving the house. Her father says I never wanted you to marry that man but I am always with you. Tulika tells him an idea. He says I will do the work so don’t worry. Tulika says I hope Sunita does my work.

Suresh is staying home so he can take care of Sunita. He goes to make tea for her, she hides his phone but Suresh takes it back.

Mania does Nari’s make-up for the diwali function. Nima comes home and is tired. Her daughters are worried about seeing her condition. Sia asks if she is fine? Nima says yes, don’t worry. She says you all are looking pretty. Nari says I will make tea for you. Nima says you all can go to the function, I have to go to work tomorrow.

Her daughters say we won’t go without you. Nima thinks I can’t spoil their happiness. She says fine, I will come with you all. They hug her. Mania says I will get you dressed up a little bit. Nima says okay but don’t go overboard. Her daughters help her in getting ready and do her make-up. Nima asks if she is looking fine? They all smile at her.

Varun is getting ready for the function. Sunita asks him to stop it, she needs to get ready also. Suresh comes there and asks what is going on? Varun says we have a diwali function so get ready. Suresh says Sunita is ill so she can’t go anywhere. Varun thinks we all have to leave so I can steal. Varun says I have already paid for all of us.

Suresh says she is not feeling fine so you go only. Sunita cries and says I want to live with my family, I want to enjoy diwali with everyone before I die. Suresh says we are not going there. Sunita says I am feeling better. Suresh comes out of his room to see Nima going to the diwali function with her daughters. He is mesmerized by seeing her new avatar. Suresh goes back into the house and asks Sunita to get ready for the function. Sunita calls Tulika and says I am trying my best.

Ginesh meets Paras and Babita’s inlaws. He praises Paras new style of online business. Maaji asks what is that? Bakay says I will show you that. Suman says Paras’ Fiance Mitali is shy. Ginesh says I think we should let kids go and enjoy together. Babita, her fiance, Paras and Mitali go from there.

Sunita comes to the kitchen and makes a milkshake. Varun asks her to give safe key as he needs something. She gives it to him. Sunita deliberately throws a milkshake at Suresh and takes his phone, Suresh goes to change. Varun steals the necklace from the safe and leaves. Sunita is using Suresh’s phone when he comes back and asks what is she doing? Sunita gets tense.

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Telecast Date:22nd October 2021
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