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Nima Denzongpa 22nd June 2022 Gulshan says Virat why did you say yes to Priyal? She’s gone crazy. Mona says it’s all my fault. Nima says to Virat please don’t do this. Virat says she’s gone crazy. She will always try to harm you.

I don’t want you to suffer anymore. It’s my fault that I trusted her for years. Gulshan cries. Nima says don’t cry. She says I am so unlucky. God gave me such a good DIL and I never respected her. Now when my eyes are open I will have to let you go.

Please forgive me. I did so wrong to you but you always respected me. Mona says I am sorry Nima. I was always against you. Nima says don’t say that. You all have given me a home. Virat says we will do everything to save Maniya’s child.

Paras says to Maniyya I am sorry I wasn’t with you in such touch time. She says it’s not your fault. He says once we have our child we will move abroad with our child.

Maniya says God knows what Priyal will do now. Priyal tries her bridal dress. Nima looks at Virat’s photo and recalls their time together. Priyal says finally Virat will be mine tomorrow.

Scene 2
The next morning Shiv asks Sia to open his hand. He says surprise. It’s key of my new bike. Got it from the office. Varun says let’s go out then. Sunita says he will take his wife first. Varun says it was joke.

Sia says I am so happy. He says to open the other hand too. She opens it, and there’s another key. Sia says what’s the for now? He says our new home. It’s on rent but our home. Sunita says wow God has blessed us.

Sia gets a call. She says what? She’s shocked. Priyal says now time to shock Maniya. Priyal calls Maniya and says why didn’t you pick up my call fast? Maniya says what do you want now? She says it’s my wedding tomorrow.

Since I’ve your child in my womb who’s more important than you. Come today at 7. Maniya says with who? Priyal says Virat of course. Maniya says what? Priyal hangs up. Maniya says this is all happening because of me. Paras says it might be Virat’s plan.

Krish cries. He says Priyal isn’t my mom. Nima says I will always be your mom. Krish gives her idol and says pray to him.

Priyal says there’s no decoration or music? Get up and get ready everyone. Virat gets up. I got your outfit. We should look the best. Virat comes to his room. He says Nima true love only wants good for you.

Don’t worry about me. I am doing this for my peace. Was my love one-sided? Did you love me too? Please don’t stay silent today. I want to know if our love was complete. Please. Nima holds his hand. Nima hugs him and cries. She says you were right. I always loved you. I love you and will always do.

Virat hugs her. Nima says this time too God took my love from me. You will have to be with someone else. I stopped believing in love. THen you came into my life and reminded me of love but destiny is never with me. I wish I confessed earlier. My love is being taken away from me again.

Priyal comes outside. Nima says I thought I don’t deserve love. I was right. He says you deserve the best. I am just unlucky. They hug. Priyal knocks outside. She says to open the door. Virat says we were just talking.

Priyal says for today only. Sign these papers. This agreement also says your marriage never happened. It was just pretense and both of you have no objection over marrying another person. Sign them fast. Or I will.

Virat says stop it. Nima you sign first. Nima signs them. Priyal asks Vira to sign. He signs as well. Priyal says to Virat it’s our mehndi today. So I invited some guests. Maniya, Sunita and Sia come in. Priyal says good news, it’s our mehndi today. Virat and Nima aren’t husband and wife now.

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