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Nima Denzongpa 21st September 2021 Nima starts leaving Suresh behind. She recalls all their moments together. 20 years pass, the voiceover says their paths changed, in these 20 years, Suresh and Nima met many times but her life was her daughters. Suresh and Nima moved on from each other.

After 20 years,
Two girls are passing by on the road. Some guys eve-tease them. One girl is scared of them but the other one goes to the guy and says will you call me? They get scared and run away. She laughs and says they can’t play with Mania. Sia says you should ignore them sometimes. Mania says why are you tensed? Sia says I am feeling tense, should we go back? Mania says it’s going to be alright, let’s go.

A showroom boss is scolding his salesmen and says I need sales before I fire you. Mania and Sia arrive there.

Suresh’s son Varun is making TikTok videos, Nima’s youngest daughter Nari is taking a cake for Nima but Varun takes it from her and throws it away. She is sad seeing that. Varun smirks and leaves. She stops Varun and throws cake at his cake, she says you can eat it now.

Mania and Sia enter the showroom. The salesmen start selling them cars. Mania entertains them. She asks about the scooter. He says you should get a car. He says the scooter is of Rs. 25K. Sia whispers to Mania that our budget is 15K. Mania flirts with the salesman and says to lessen the price. She says I can pay 20K. The salesman says okay, you give me the money so I can start the paperwork. Mania says can’t we take the scooter today and pay tomorrow? He says that can’t happen.

Mania says my sister works in a bank, she has got the loan approved. We will get the money tomorrow. She gives him 2K as a down payment. He says fine but you have to sign a paper that says that if you don’t pay 18K then we will take the scooter back. Mania says fine and gives her and Sia’s ID to him to submit.

Mania comes home to see it decorated. She asks her if she did all this? Nari says Sarla helped me. Nari is tensed. Mania asks what happened? Nari says Varun threw Ayi’s cake but I threw it at him. Mania says great. Nari says do you have money to get another cake? Mania says I had it but I got a scooter. Nari says what? Mania says I will give pick and drop to Ayi so she doesn’t have to roam around in a bus. Sia has a job also so don’t worry. Nari says Sia just has an interview and not a job. Mania says don’t worry, the scooter will help us. I will make a halwa cake for Ayi.

Mania and Nari make a cake for Nima but it doesn’t come out well. Sarla comes there and says I bought a cake for Nima. Mania says great, we were just about to get it for her. Sia comes there and sits down sadly. Mania asks if you didn’t get the job? Sia starts laughing and says I got the job. Mania says so why are you crying with this good news? Nima arrives there and says the person who works hard to get a job would cry happy tears. Mania says you arrived early from work? Nima says their family had dinner so they gave me an early off. The girls wish her birthday to her and hug her. Nima smiles. Nima smiles at Sia and says you have given me the biggest gift today. Sia smiles.

Tulika wipes Varun’s face and says how dare that Nari. Sunita says this cake smells good. You can’t even handle a girl? My Suresh used to fight them all. Tulika says but Suresh is in Punjab so we have to handle this situation. It’s good that Suresh is away from them. I will not spare that Nima now.

Nima cuts the cake, her daughters sing for her. Nima makes her daughters eat the cake. Sarla prays for her. Mania says I know I am not your favorite but I love you. We have got a gift for you. She ties a blindfold on Nima and brings her outside. Nima takes off the blindfold and looks around. She asks where is the gift? Sarla sees a scooter there. Nima glares at her daughters. Mania gives her scooter keys.

Nima is stunned. Tulika brings Varun there. Nima sees cake smeared on his face and asks what happened? Nari says he threw the cake so I threw it at his face. Nima asks Nari to say sorry but first Varun has to say sorry. Tulika says he would never say sorry to her. Have you gone crazy? Did you forget.. Sarla asks Tulika to end it, it’s her birthday so let it be. Tulika sees the scooter and asks if they stole it from somewhere? Sarla says you don’t earn but Nima’s daughters saved money to get it for her. Sia got a job in the bank. Tulika tries to fight with her but Mania says don’t you dare say anything to Sarla Mausi. Sarla tells Tulika to leave from here. Tulika says I will not spare you Nima. She leaves with Varun.

Nima is angry. She asks Sia how could you spend so much money on a scooter? Mania says you won’t have to suffer on a bus now. Nima says did I ever complain? Mania says but.. Nima says you had studied and had a job then you wouldn’t be this stupid. She asks Sia to return the scooter. Mania angrily leaves. Nima looks on.

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