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Nima Denzongpa 21st October 2021 Suresh takes an off from Maaji and leaves. Nima is worried and calls someone. Bakay asks her to focus on the work.

Varun and Sunita are eating food. Varun says it’s very tasty food. Sunita says you are fine? Varun says yes. Sunita says you don’t feel ill? He says no. Sunita takes the food and eats it. Varun says tomorrow is diwali function in the society so we will go right? Sunita says yes, don’t tell it to your Ayi. We will have fun tomorrow.

Suresh comes there so Sunita acts like she is ill. Suresh asks who made all this food? Sunita says Mania gave it to us. Did you ask them to make food for us? Suresh says Mania made all this? He smiles and goes outside the house. He calls Nima and thanks her for sending food. Nima says it’s fine, we still have an old relationship, I would have done this for anyone else. Suresh says you are so nice Nima, thank you.

Tulika is looking at her family photos sadly. Her father comes there and says why do you sit sadly like this? I think you should go back. Tulika says I will have no self-respect if I go back like this. Her friends call her and says tomorrow is the diwali function in the society. Tulika says I will be there. I won’t go back to my house till Suresh brings me back. She calls Sunita and says I have some work. Sunita says fine, she ends the call and says how will I do it? I have to do it after Suresh leaves for the work. I will deny Nima’s food tomorrow.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sunita takes Suresh’s phone. Nari brings food for them and starts leaving. Suresh stops her. Nari says Ayi asked me to drop it. Suresh asks how is your life? Nari says good. Sunita says tell them to not send food from tomorrow as I am fine. Nari leaves.

Suresh and Sunita sit to have food. Varun is sleeping so Suresh asks him to wake up. Varun says let me sleep. Sunita asks Suresh to go to work. Suresh says I took an off for you. Sunita says I am fine now so you can go. Suresh says it’s fine, I am worried about you and it’s diwali so I want to spend time in the house. Sunita says you have to go to work. Suresh says why are you forcing? Are you plotting something? Sunita says not at all.

Suman is sending gifts to Paras and Babita’s inlaws. Ginesh tells the family that I have invited both the families here tonight. Suman says you should have told me beforehand. Maaji says she is always complaining. Suman says the workers will take an off tomorrow for diwali so how will we do the work? Nima says I will come tomorrow to help you. Suman thanks her. Suman asks Nima to clean the silver dinner set, Nima goes away. Ginesh says you shouldn’t trust her this much, she might steal. Suman says I trust her. Bakay feels awkward.

Sia and Shiv are working in their office. Sia notices Shiv busy on the video call. He takes the call and introduces Sia to his sister. Sia says nice to meet you. Shiv’s sister Bhakti enjoys talking to Sia. Shiv says I have work so let’s end the call. Shiv tells his sister than I am coming to Puna for work so he will meet her there. Bhakti invites Sia. Shiv tells Sia to not mingle with his family much as if they like her then they will force him to marry her. Sia blushes and smiles at him.

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Telecast Date:21st October 2021
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