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Nima Denzongpa 21st January 2022 Tulika cries and tells the judge that Suresh got married to this woman today morning only, he wants to leave me for her. Sunita says she is fooling everyone by pretending to be a sad woman.

Suresh says I didn’t know I got married today? Tulika is making up stories. He says Tulika is lying, she is faking her tears, she is totally the opposite of what she is showing. The judge asks Nima to speak up, she asks what’s her relationship with Suresh? Is she married to Suresh? Tell us the truth only as it will affect Suresh and Tulika. Nima looks on.

Mania selects some clothes. The designer says the bill 3.5 lacs. Mania is stunned to hear that and drops her money. She tells Maaji that this is a lot, why are we spending so much money? We can get cheaper clothes from the market. The designer laughs. Maaji asks her to leave, they will transfer money to her.

The designer leaves. Maaji says you don’t know when to not speak? You are going to be our daughter in law so don’t do cheap acts. Mania says I can’t afford all this. Maaji says keep your change with yourself, we will do what we have to. Maaji sees Paras coming there so she smiles at Mania and says we want you to look your best in your wedding.

Don’t worry about the money. Ranisa asks Mania to not worry, Maaji likes you now because Paras is here. Paras smiles thinking Maaji has been nice with Mania. Maaji leaves. Paras asks Mania what happened? She says nothing.

In the court, Nima tells the judge that I am not Suresh’s wife. Tulika shouts that I saw them in the mandir together. She is lying, she is a b*tch. The judge is stunned to hear her speak like that. Suresh says that’s her real face. Tulika says sorry.

Nima tells the judge that I was married to Suresh for 6 years and we have 3 daughters together but we got divorced 20 years ago. Since then Tulika has been married to Suresh and I am not married to Suresh. Tulika says if Suresh is not marrying Nima then why is he divorcing me? Suresh says I am a struggling man, I can’t handle her cheap antics anymore. She can stoop to any low,

she even took over my house and threw me and my Ayi out. She has done so much against me, I tried to live with her but I can’t anymore. I can’t live with her as she is a snake. Tulika cries and tells the judge that I have done mistakes and I am sorry for those but people do change. I will change myself, he should give me a chance. Suresh says this is all an act so just free me from.

Scene 2
Tulika and Varun come back home. Tulika sits down and cries. Varun consoles her.

Suresh, Sunita and Nima come back home. Suresh is worried so Nima puts her hand on his shoulder and consoles him. Suresh recalls the judge’s decision that he can’t his marriage of 20 years without giving her a chance, she wants to change herself so the judge gave them some time to salvage their relationship.

They will have to live together till the next hearing, they can try till then. Suresh is angry and breaks the wall between Tulika and Nima’s house. He tells Tulika that you must be happy as you got what you wanted.

Tulika sees Suresh’s hand bleeding and rushes to him, she asks Varun to bring a bandage. Suresh pushes her away and laughs. Tulika says you are hurt. Suresh says she is still acting? He tells Tulika that you will never change so I will get this divorce at any cost. He says don’t think about my blood but think about your tears that will shed soon. Tulika looks on.

Mania asks Nima how can the court force Suresh to live with Tulika? Nari says we can’t live without a wall between Tulika and us. Nima says we can’t ask Suresh to leave this house, he needs our support. We have to be united. Nari says I want to support Suresh but Tulika can never change. Suresh comes there and looks on. He asks what happened? Why did you go silent? You are all right as Tulika can never change, she will again do something bad. You all have to support me till then.

Nari says I will keep a knife with myself till then. Nima laughs. Varun comes there and recalls Sunita’s words. The flashback shows how Sunita asked him to give the money to Nima and beg to Nari to give you tuitions so you can pass your exams. She can get you back in the college is you study, she is the best student there so she can request the college to take you back.

Varun says if I have to do this then why this blackmailing? Sunita says because Nari is smart, she won’t teach you if she doesn’t see repent in your eyes. Your baba can’t find out that I asked you to do all this so do as I say otherwise it won’t be good for you. The flashback ends. Varun tells Suresh that I got expelled from the college. Suresh says wow, you are making me proud like this?

Nari says I won’t give him any tuitions. Nima says he can take tuitions from anyone else. Sunita takes the money from him and tells Nima that this is a job, Nari can teach him and it will be a challenge for her also to bring him on the right path. She tells Nima that we need money and Varun is thinking of doing something right so we should help him. Suresh asks Varun how did he get this money?

Varun stutters and says I saved it for my bike but this is important. Suresh asks if Tulika is behind all this? Varun says I promise, there is nothing behind this. Sunita says good, she tells Varun that we will start your studies after Mania’s wedding, Varun leaves. Nima looks on. Sunita thinks I always took Nima’s help but I want to help Nima now.

Mayank tells Kanchan that I went to the hospital after office but someone took your reports already. What if Shiv took it? It’s not late, we can run away and start our lives there. you can forget Shiv. Kanchan holds his hand and says you are late, he didn’t collect the reports, I did. I don’t need your help.

Shiv comes there and asks Kanchan to talk to him. Kanchan goes with him and Shiv says I got an email with your reports, how could you hide such a thing from me? Mayank comes there and asks him to listen to her. Shiv says shut up, this is between us only. Shiv tells Kanchan you thought I wouldn’t find out about your pregnancy?

Were you scared that I will find out? I knew you were lying so I asked them to email the reports to me. Why did you lie to me? Mayank asks Kanchan to not be scared, I am here so say whatever you want to. Kanchan looks on.

Tulika is talking to her father and says Suresh can’t leave me like that, I am his wife. Suresh takes her phone and ends the call. Tulika says I was talking to him. Suresh says so what? Prove that you are a good wife now. Tulika says what do I have to do? Suresh says Tulika will make food for us today. Tulika says Nima is already cooking. Suresh says Nima is not my wife, you are my wife so you should take care of me. Go and cook for me, if you can’t then we can get divorced soon.

Tulika says don’t say that, I will try to cook for you and Sunita but why should I cook for Nima and her daughters? Suresh says they are my daughters and you show people that we are one family then cook for all of us, if you can’t then let me know. Tulika says no no. I will cook for everyone. Nima smiles seeing her tense face. Suresh says you have to cook a delicious dish, just take your time. Tulika looks on.

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